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How do you get emily's scene? I got everyon elses scnee except hers. Is there a guide I can get? Also went ahead and wishlished the game on steam! Im excited for the full season 1!

Nevermind I found it

This is the best visual novel youll find

Pretty damn good. great atmosphere and solid jumpscares, and a somewhat satisfying ending? Nice game all around

I enjoyed it. It was very well made but didn't have that atmosphere. The whole look and they won't move feature is easy to deal with, but can be done correctly. I liked this game and will be following the development of more of your games very closely. 

I enjoyed this more than I thought I would. I was expecting some poorly put together no story bullcrap game. I was actually impressed with how scary the game was. The environment was well put together and the jumpscares weren't in your face. I freakin loved it and hope other games take some inspiration from this!

I am pretty sure I said I want to consume thy flesh quite a few times, but i felt like some of these jumpscares were predictable. The name was very fun to say though, and the audio was freakin amazing. I would like to see a longer game with a whole story and good scares. your game is the second one.

This was a pretty alright game. I enjoyed the vhs style, but holy hell was the game super freakin loud lol. All in all, there is some potential with your style of games. Your game is the first one I played

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This game had a lot of jumpscares, too many for my liking. I don't usually like these types of jumpscares that makes your bottom go for some brown action, but this game actually entertained me because of the story, voice acting and atmosphere. I thoroughly enjoyed this for these reasons enough. Plus one jumpscare actually got me....
Well, here's my gameplay if ya wanna check it out(I recommend turning down your volume a bit)

This whole game is freakin cursed. I loved it

This game was insane in the best way possible. The horror genre has been insanely bad as of lately, this game said screw the cliches and made a balls to the wall crazy game, and I am all here for it!

So I played it, and I enjoyed only the monster design. THe jumpscares felt predictable, but that's only me. At least it got me into the anime it is based on

Here's my gameplay if you want to check it out:

A fun jumpscarey game of dank ghosts. Lol I'll be checking out more games in the future from you!

The nun was a scary antagonist for such a  qucik game, also a dumb protagonist, but what game is complete without a dumb protagonist? I really enjoyed and look forward for more from you.  The game is the third game!

AN actually spoopy game. It got a few reactions out of me and I liked how you have to have EYE CONTACT. I really enjoyed! Your game is the thumbnail and and the second game!

A nice and quick game. The sound design was great and got a few reactions outta me! The first game is what I played!

This was pretty good. I was expecting a crappy remake, but it has been pretty fun. I'm excited to see what comes next! Here's my gameplay if you wanna check it out!

No problemo! I'm looking forward to the full release! I'll make sure to do a full playthrough of it!

Listen, this game is amazing and fun. Probably the most fun game on I highly recommend this game for anyone, legit ANYONE who wants a fast paced game and some secrets and challenges. Oh, I also did a gameplay if you wanna check it out.

No prob! I'll look forward to your future games!

I love the art style and the gore. ANd i love how it looks like siren head is all around you. Awesome game

i love this game! the mechanics are awesome and the monster is freakin horrifying!!!!!! AMAZING AS FREAK AND IM EXCITED FOR THE REST OF THE GAME!

Oh heres my gameplay if you wanna check it out :3

i decided to spend around 10 minutes playing the game seriously and i beat it on my first try... please update the game im interested as freak

I can't believe how stressed this game made me. I loved it, but m god I hate it. Enjoy my gameplay

I liked it a lot, nough said

This game was something else. It is so good I dont think I can upload it to my channel. The game was beautiful but also terrifying at the same time. I loved it so much and it for some reason makes me love life so much more. Thank you developer.

I enjoyed this game a lot, and I love the whole Boogeyman monster. Really, I love this game.

Here is my gameplay.

AWESOME GAME... yeah for real. I really enjoyed the game. The mascot thing was cute but super scary( or I am just a huge baby) But I liked the aspect of thwoing an object for noise. Im excited to see the full game!

here's my gameplay if you want to see me meme some more. 

welp, this game was awesome. my only problem being the jumpscares and how they got progressively lest scary. maybe add new jumpscare animations? otherwise, the game was fun and challenging.

heres my gameplay.... i was calling the monster sexy lol

Literally the scariest jumpscare for me in a long time.  You can see the horror on my face. First game for you. Im mad at that jumpscare still lol.

I enjoyed it. Was pretty creepy and a fun atmosphere. I'll be looking forward to a longer version in the future.

2nd Game is where it is at

There was something about this game that made me unreasy, especially towards the end. Great job making someone who watches horror movies and plays scary games all the time feel uneasy. Amazing game

Your game is the 3rd one I played FYI.

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Pretty simple horror game, but with awesome mechanics. I love how she can crouch after you. SUCH A SCARY MECHANIC.

Here's me geeking out some more on my youtube channel

I absolutely loved this game. Like, one of my favorite horror games ever for some reason. 

heres my gameplay if you want to see it. <3


I played the game, beat it after 2 hours, recorded it, and have to edit it. In case I change my mind, I loved this game. It was scary and fun.

I LOVED THE ENDING. Honestly the game was awesome. I hope you enjoyed my gameplay. it's the  first game.