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Short and simple; I enjoyed this and could relate to the main character. The game could have very well just taken place entirely in the room, but it was a nice touch that it started out in a vast open space of greenery.

Heh I deliberately messed up tons in my first run to see if they would just fire me, and then in my second run I did it perfectly. Looks like I was paid the same amount either way ;p 

Oh nooo I was so sad when my partner didn't make it ;-; I was also sad to see that despite my efforts, I couldn't actually plant new trees. Great game! Simple, but made me emotionally invested in bats.

Great concept and I was certainly unsettled. Would love to see this expanded on with more MapFriend!

Really enjoyed this! The Kart game always gets me though ahaha.

Wow, I loved that! The animations are so fluid and this style of game is exactly my type. The cut-scene at the end.. dang! Really looking forward to more Bunny Graveyard! <3

What a neat idea! And super cute too! 

What a cute game with soft art and music. It kind of reflected what I am feeling right now. :(

What a good dog.

Great job for your first horror game! Creepy vibes all around. :)

What a lovely little game. The art, music, and story were all written beautifully.

What a cute game! Love, from another Vancouverite. <3

Fun little game! I didn't get an email long enough to go over the hill, but it was amusing seeing all the upgrades stacked on top of each other.

Great game! I really enjoyed it, and it was great seeing all the neat stuff in the bonus room. I played through all the scenes/endings (thanks for adding in the cheat codes!). Some things about the story confused me, but I'm sure it was meant to be that way. There were two times where the game froze when Crow was walking, but it was no big deal as reloading the game fixed it. 

Nice game! Wasn't what I expected (in a good way) and spooked me out. That timer had my heart going.

Cute, little game! For some reason my game froze when I was ready to step outside after checking everything out and now it's not resetting.. The Lustacean is probably my favourite part, but all the crab stuff is hilarious.

Nice game about communication. The dialogue does feel real at times. I played through it twice and tbh I love Sam so much I don't know if I want to see the other paths. 

Oh no my heart... Your games never fail to make me feel things, and I'm always amazed at the dialogue changes and how well-written all the paths are.

Nice concept. I really liked the music and art!

Cute game! Difficulty was just right and three meals is a good number. I was worried that her stories were going to get longer and longer and span into several speech bubbles but thankfully didn't.

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Aww. What a cute, little, relaxing game... with some parts hitting a bit too close to home.

Interesting concept. I did one playthrough but I would have liked if there was a way to advance text.