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First, I think the game is really cool! The art style and world is great!

I felt a few things could use some tweaking or at least some options to tweak.

I will admit I haven't tried the game with a controller which I know is the preferred input mode, but I feel that mouse and keyboard could work quite well if things were a little different.

1. It would be very helpful to allow more fine-grained adjustments of the camera angle somehow. Especially concerning rotation. I'm guessing this matters more when your movement input is just 8-directional (WASD) as opposed to the controller stick input.

2. I think it'd be cool to have a mode where the camera angle is locked to the mouse position, such that when you move the mouse left and right, it rotates the camera, but the mouse is locked in front of you (this would be more like a traditional third-person shooter camera that uses mouse and keyboard).

Again, I think this game is great from what I've played so far!