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Jeff Hall

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Love this!  A mash-up of "Watership Down" and "Mad Max" is a great idea, and does a wonderful job of extending the core concepts of The Warren. 

The "out there" ideas are definitely the most appealing.  With any TTRPG, it's easy for a gaming group to fall into familiar patterns (Oh no! More orcs!) so concepts like Kazarak are great, since they mix up seemingly incompatible ideas into a playable framework that allows a group to take "the fiction" in entirely new directions.  

So any of the ideas you suggest (Yellow Tangle, etc) sound great - for me the value of Plundergrounds is to show what's possible, and encourage DW players and GMs to shake things up a bit and get that Mole Machine rolling!

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Just recently bought the bundle and I'm digging it.  I'm new to Dungeon World, I'm liking it a lot, and these Plundergrounds zines are definitely helping me to get into the DW groove.  Looking forward to more, more, more ;)

For $2, this is a very impressive little roster.  While some of the creatures are familiar, others are less so, since the author has drawn on a number of different world cultures for his source material.  

Definitely something I will be referring to for a desert-based Dungeon World scenario that I am cooking up!