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Absolutely loved this game! It had such relatable characters and an open-minded view about a sensitive topic. The art is also simply beautiful alongside the soundtrack it came with.

Here's my long playthrough take on the game

Honestly love this demo, how it was written, the gameplay mechanics, the art, honestly everything lol.

If this is already what the demo can offer, I simply CANNOT wait for the full release, you can hit me up when the full release comes, I will support you!

anw, here's my part 1 take on the game

Another wonderful game by the Deconstructeam. I really enjoyed it same with a vivid life, I really like the mystery that lies on both games. I love the art style, the atmosphere and the main objective and gameplay. I'm looking forward for more games to cover from your team.


here's my part 1 gameplay

Absolutely loved the concept of the game. It has great potential and I cannot wait for the full release!

It was definitely a treat for just a demo!

Here's my shot at it.

The game and the concept was truly amazing for me, I loved every bit about it and would love to see some more, tho I honestly wish that it had a little more background on how she became like that, but it was a pretty nice game.

Here's my gameplay, kindly check it out!