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Jeff D

A member registered May 20, 2019

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very addictive.


"Island Adventure" you say...... tell me more..

Wow, addictive with Solomans Key vibes and easily worth paying for.

To the maker, have you considered doing this as a full puzzle-platformer without the Sant wrapping ;-)

Such a great game and very addictive, thank you.

both games are quite impressive, thanks.

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Another fine shoot'em up with some great graphics/sounds.


such a fine game, thanks.


do you know when the tape will be available to buy?


I tried Hektic the other day and it's so brutally difficult I can't see me playing it again.

Then I find out about this one and I can only but say.......

Thank you for making a simply fantastic platformer that looks fantastic, sounds fantastic and is a joy to play.


just seen Sarah-Jane Avory say she has fixed it to work on TheC64, just waiting on Protprotovision to offer the updated crt.

question: will this work on TheC64?

loving it, the lass just knows how to make a shooter.


that's one fantastic game, thanks.

Thanks for the updates, very good game.

Good to hear you will continue to dev on C64.

addictive as hell. thank you.

such a good game, thanks.

great game, but what's with "(C) 2020 Protovision" ?

thank you, on of the few shooters I can play because of easy mode. 

but in saying tat, I'm doing ok with normal. xxx

Thanks for the reply and great game by the way.

Anyway to turn off the scrolling text while playing the game.

nice game, thank you.

Any inspiration from Obitus on the Amiga, for Argus?

Great work, thanks.

Finally got around to playing, congratulations on a fine game sir.

Now looking forward to the physical release.

canny fun Amidar style game. Thanks.

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highly addictive, great tune and cute graphics, I  bought the cart version.

Great Game, highly addictive.

Any intention of adding more levels?

Great game, thanks.

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Another great piece of work that i hope does well for you.


And those of us who bought the tape through binary zone?

such a great game and unbelievably good for free.


unless i've missed something (please point it out if i have), what are the games controls?

Many thanks for the quick reply and the free game.

Is there a donate option anywhere for this download?