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Jeff Chen

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Thanks for the video,bro!

click left mouse button?

Thank you very much!

Thanks for the video!subscribed!

Thanks for playing!

Yes of course,please tell me when you done,haha.

Sorry,I uploaded a zip file,maybe you can try that one?

Thanks!Maybe you can send me a email?

Sorry about that,i will try to use zip later

Sorry about that,this game can only be controlled by using mouse.But I added some settings in the game,maybe that will help.

Thanks for the video!I may not have time to keep makeing this game,but if i have time i will try to make some new thing

Thanks bro!

Thanks for play!

Thanks very much!

Thanks very much,i'm very happy that you love the game,that really means a lot!In fact i still don't know how to make a music,maybe someday i will try to learn that,haha.

Thanks for playing!Yes,you won.In fact you can move your mouse in your target's direction,so that the bullet will move in that direction.


Sorry i did not see this reply until today,i will let you know when there's a playable mobile version in the future.

Thank you very much,the video is very interesting!

Thanks very much!Really love the video!

Yes,But there are some problems about the gameplay,maybe i need some time to think about that.

Thanks for playing!This game has many problems now,and i will try to fix them!

Thanks!I will keep it updated,and try to put something new in it