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Sorry to bother you again with this, but can you not make one pack with all Heroine sprites?? keeps blocking me when I try doing multiple transactions....


Yes, Background is still missing. there's just the aseprite file

Yo! Just bought the whole Legacy bundle!
Waiting for updates on the character, she fits my game so well, but has too few animations. Do please especially consider including magic and bow/arrow anims, slide, roll, another sword attack perhaps, wall slide, wall ledge hang and ladder climb.
Thank you very much for such beautiful assets and for all your hard work! <3


I finally found the perfect fit for my game!! Love at first sight exists! <3

I'd like to see some magic animations added, since I'm myself making a fantasy game.
Also, is it possible to make all the animations without the shield and sword as well? If we want to give them as a power-up later in a game, it's weird if she already has it. I dunno how to edit, or I'd have done it myself, but I'll have to inconvenience you.

Thank you for your hard work, and looking forward to more animations if possible. <3


You have written above that you will regularly update the character, but you haven't done so for a while. She is too perfect for my game, but I'd like to see more animations, like wall slide, ledge, slide, etc. Any plans??

Also, would it be possible to have the character as a separate download so I can make a "contribution"? =) 


Hi there! I've been in love with your assets since I found them on Asset Store for the first time 4 years ago =) You're pretty awesome.
I looked and looked but I just can not find your separate assets. It keeps taking me to the bundles or collections and I don't want those.

I want to get your Gothicvania Heroine. Is there no pack that would have all her animations together?? Or even links to her separate packs would do. I only want the heroine, nothing else.

Thank you.

Hey! When I first saw this asset, she did not have the sword attack! She now fits perfectly with my game idea and the character I had in mind for it.
But is there any chance to add a couple of magic attacks too??

nice.... that 45 degree attack will make this villain more formidable! <3  Thank you for your hard work!

He's so cute <3

She's so cute <3
Any plans to add a walk animation??

Oh dear! I saw this sale too late, I have already bought your asset from asset store at original price!

Thank you though, I like all your Warped assets as well as all your Gothicvania.

Keep creating! ^.^ Cheers!

Are you still here? Can you please contact me, check your email, please. Urgent.