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always nice to see my absolute favorite character in this game get more content

that is fine! im enjoying the game so much. look forward to seeing what you do with them if you do decide to add to them!! thanks for all the awesome stuff you are doing!!!!

try talking to her :3:3

are there any near future plans for routes for terra and Blaze? these characters have made me laugh more than once and i love thme XD. i know you planned to give most characters routes. but are these 2 on any roadmap anytime soon? or is it too soon to tell lol lol

i am excited for the next public update. this is the update i have been waiting for!!

we love you indivi!!!!

don't worry! LD+ is an equally amazing game!! indivi is such a talented creator

You need to collect all the gallery images. 

where does the current update end in terms of content?  I’m up to the tiara part and can’t seem to find much else. 

i am stuck outside the bath house. how do I fix that? without having to relode past data?

or am i just lucky?

really? i have been able to play old savefiles on the newer versions

time to enjoy


will there ever be an option for gender selection for our protaganist-kun.ya know. for da ladies?  i mean i know that would be a lot of work. since it would essentially mean redoing every scene. but would it ever be a consideration near the end?. 


yeah I'm not sure i want to give her that blackmail material

that worked for me

try waiting a week

yeeeees!. and sorry by fan art i meant the in game art. it is late when i write these so i am not 100% with it. 

glad to hear. the background characters always catch my interest. which is why Andre getting her full(?) route was exciting.

once again thanks for answering and going along with my random stupid questions. i shall keep future ones simple lol

oooooooh! i love me. that's why i was curious .  is there anyway to find fanart? cause i love Blaze. she is hilarious XD

will they have any story or routes? or are they simply background characters. cause id love to do a route with them. lol

also thanksfor replying. kinda went into a tangent here. my apologies lol XD X3 :3 

ok. i gotta know. what are Blaze, Terra and Zap based off? (sorry for repeat. it looks like my comment didn't go through.)