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just got a bug with one of the boss (the giant guy, not fat but just big) where he hit me through the floor and his arm is now stuck in the ceiling (i jumped out the window to get back to the boss floor)

I wholly agree with the rant about glasses guy and janitor's stun, the glasses guy is way too OP and RNG on his boss fight is what tends to make or break a run for me, he definitely needs some balancing, maybe with smth like a cooldown on his force choke abilit

fun game, took 4 minutes to beat the first guy for a total time of 7:21 

there's a glitch where if you jump and start moving without leaving the planet's orbit you float

Room 16 (died on, beat 15)

39.54 seconds (and used google timer so I had the disadvantage of having to tab back and forth to turn on/off

I went roughly 300 horizontal speed and -50 vertical speed and went through the map

I got 10m

Add Options so to get rid of things like the zooming in on leaf cuts or the blade trail and stuff, because though they might look good to a viewer, as a player it kinda distracts you a littl