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Hi again. The Dropbox issue has been resolved... I can sync my modules just fine now. Thanks for the hard work!

Just one little thing. The new audio sliders cover the bottom of the audio menu, blocking the last 2 or 3 sounds in the list. Other than that the app is just perfect the way it is right now.

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Hey there! I've been using your app for quite a while and it's saved me a ton of work. I love how interactive and intuitive it is, and it makes everything much more accessible. Integration with Dropbox was something I was really looking forward to, but there seems to be a limit on how many people can access the token, and the limit has already been reached. 

Is there a way you could increase the limit? I tend to write my adventures on my laptop and then download them on my tablet to run them and this was the only thing it was missing to make it perfect. I've tried my luck at uploading them directly through the app but the upload always fails halfway through.