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How come no one has played this for Youtube?

I'm having the same problem

Dope Game! Too bad it's made by a meat bag! HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA! *sips beer and burps fire* Ah yeah, that's the stuff.

Great Game-rino there creator! I LOVE-IDDILY-OVED IT!

Great Game! I decided to give this a little flare for my video, hope you like it! ;)

Well.....It delivers on what the title says.....No clickbait here LMAO Great Game!

Another Excellent game my friend! LOVED it! Played The Crypt Terror last year and loved that one too!

Great game based on a great creepypasta!

This was great! Super Creepy! Will definitely play more!

This was so realistic looking it was insane! Made Slender Man that much more terrifying! LOVED it!

This was Creepy! Here's hoping you make more!

Great Game, love the cat monster at the end!

This was Creepy! LOVED it! That scare at the end was superb!

Great Game! Freaky Ass Monster! Just got confused at that one part Enjoy the Video!

Great Game! LOVED it! That monster was freaky as FOOK!

Great Game! I don't know why other people say that's Jason when it's clearly Roy Burns lol Oh well. Had fun with this!

Creepy as all hell! Loved it!

Great work on this! Nice and creepy

Great Game! Great Job!

This was fun, I hope the full version on Steam is just as fun!

This was a great ending to the story, 10/10

Great Game! I hope you make more!

This was even spookier than the last one! Terrific!

This hotel sure didn't live up to it's name LOL Great Game!

Yeah I did start running backwards , didn't I? LOL

If you ever plan on remaking this at some point I'd be more than happy to play that as well! :)

Meh, I don't know

Awesome Game! It was SHPOOKEH!!

This was awesome! Nice NOTLD reference!

Just as creepy as the last one, great job!

This was really unnerving, LOVED IT!

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Great Game, really creepy.

Looks like a fun game, too bad it crashes a few seconds after launching. :/

Whoop whoop!

Great Game! Definitely need to play the Director's Cut!

Never talk to strangers while waiting for the bus
Like Clay community · Created a new topic Creepy Cult Game

Totally recommend! 

This would be seriously messed up if this actually happened, Creepy!

Really liked how you use the chat to control the game! Great job!

This was really interesting.