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I was really impressed by this! Literally never been scared by an 2D RPG before. Didn't get through a whole lot of it, but I had fun with what I saw. I'm definitely excited for the full version!

I enjoyed this game quite a lot! Although simple, it keeps you on edge throughout playing. This is definitely

something I want to make a series on.

I was actually really impressed with this game. For only being two of you and this far along..

Its a great experience, albeit lacking story which I imagine you\re adding in the full game. Awesome job!

This game reminds me a lot of The Stanley Parable but with a darker twist. I was a little confused in some parts, but still really enjoyed the entire thing.

Great job!

Sounds dope!

Pretty short, not a lot of content in the current version. Obviously still just a concept right now.

But for what it was, it was pretty good!

One little thing, maybe make the items easier to see. Thanks :P

Brought me back to my good old childhood... AND THEN FREAKING RUINED IT.

Well made game though, I really like your work.

Without question.. One of the most innovative games I've ever played. I am superbly impressed.

As one of the first people to play the original game, I gotta say. I can't wait until the full release. You really got something special here! 

A little confusing along with a bit of difficulty to figure out the next step.. But other than that, its cool. fun little one-off with a bit of a twist. Congrats on winning the game jam!

I'm back. New update is freaking amazing. 

I played this before it was popular, about a month ago. Looking forward to a possible second game! Never know, this game could take off like FNAF did. Either way, new update LETS GET IT

I. Love. This. Game.

If this becomes a full thing, I'd be one of the first to play it. Its amazing in so many ways, even though I hated the fear. (in a good way)

Of course! Ah, I see now. Well, can't wait until the full release!

Dude, this is really well done. I'd love to see more! The entire atmosphere gave me chills throughout the time I played, along with the suspense of trying not to be found.

Two little things that'd be awesome to see in the full release is animations for the cherub, and a jumpscare when you get a game over. Other than that, I really enjoyed it. Awesome job!!

Pretty awesome game so far! I haven't gotten into the horror aspect as of yet, but I enjoy the puzzle-like gameplay. Nice job, Dev!

SO CLOSE, this game is crazy dude.

Dude. This game is insane. Its so simplistic I took it for an easy game at first, but nahhh..

I'm definitely making another video on this asap.