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Plankton has had enough snd starts his rampage in Bikini Bottom!

Great Game!

Mr Krabs is shooting his way through bikini bottom while chasing his car!!

This was amazing!!

That's great! If you need me to play another run, hit me up!!

Beautiful, amazing style, this game was intriguing from start to end, love it and cant wait to see where this is going!


Fake news has never been so well done xD this was amazing!

A shitty grandson makes for a shitty apartement.

This game was amazing! I had a lot of fun!

You are watching, NNC News, With Jeansentis. 

This game was amazing, i laughed my ass off xDD

This game made me laugh my ass off! it was way more difficult then I imagined, SAVE THE POTATOES!

Part 2 out now! this game just keeps on giving!

Bikini Bottom under attack and only a Sponge and his a**hole friend can save everyone!

It's refreshing to be motivated to find bugs for a change!! The game has such a good concept and I hoped I would not see the end of it so soon. 

The narration is amazing, I enjoyed every voiceline ^^

If you are looking for a quick, fun game, look no further.

I always wanted to play games on top of my roof and this game made it possible for me to do so. Love the teleporting wires and the parkour towards the roof!

I really enjoyed this! xD

I never knew the thrill of a million pancakes, this was amazing!!!!

Part 3 is out! I freaking love this game

PLANKTON HAS HAD ENOUGH, and goes on a rampage trough Bikini Bottom to finally end his long time opponent, the crab.

I really enjoyed this! it was way more difficult then I imagined xD

I used pee to become a master of a hoard minions! This game is amazing! Be sure to leave a like and subscribe!!

Bikini Bottom under attack and only a Sponge and his a**hole friend can save everyone!

This game is amazing! i'm making a series out of it!

Spongebob has had enough, Bikini Bottom is no place safe anymore, all will perish by the hands of the yellow square. Loved it!! <3

Consider subscribing!!

Hahaha thanks for watching dude!! ^^

This was amazing! Felt like Superhot meets Tabs! Loved it!!

I became Chick, destroyer of skeletons

This game had me running around, killing people.. Doom couldn't compare xD

That's 3 and a half seconds, looked like minutes all of a sudden xD



Check out my other content as well!

The love between a scarecrow and a frog was never so sad..

This was amazing!! The royal Karl Oodles succumbed to his love of random sticks in the forest. Until, they learned how to use shotguns... 

The real here here is the caffeine running through my blood. Amazing little game ^^

Never thought my tea would be so trippy that I wouldn't stop making it! Loved it ^^

When a man, suspected of murder keeps a pillow in front of the refrigerator, its obviously not suspicious. I enjoyed this!! ^^

The adventures of a Weinerboy refusing his destiny to sell weiners has come to an end. After jumping the fence, he was never seen again.. Loved it!! ^^

I cant get enough of this game! This was amazing, I never knew what to expect and shit became scary.. I played it twice during the livestream and I actually also want to make video's of it! I cant stop playing XDD

I actually jumpscared when I got caught xDD

This was a lot of fun, I'll be sure to check out the full game!!


It was like there was a game.. inside a game... inside a game.... you get the drift. Amazing ^^

Goooood Morning!! This made me wake up completely and was so much fun!

Love the whole minigame vibe ^^

The quest to find my dog, Pablo, stretched over countless hours, months, perhaps years in that damned building.  But where one Pablo is.. Will be more..

This game was awesome! I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it! 


Never have I hated a flashlight more than my time in Spookware.

This is an amazing game! Every minigame I didn't understand made it way too difficult, but the moment I understood them it all came together xD

My wife left the stove on and she regrets everything.

This was quite fun! I've mostly been walking around the block, checking on the neighbor's, since my wife did not respond with "burn it all" the second the box was in my home.

I also loved the short movie, that inspired this game (I presume) 

Never did I want to take a look at a picture and run away screaming at the same time..

This game had me, the ambience was so amazing, kept me on my toes the whole time, I cant wait to play the full version!!

I fought DOORS and the doors fought back!!

I needed this in my life! all of my stress, I kicked in a door and smashed some poor fellow's head in with it. I loved it!!