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Nothing can get to us... nothing can get to us.. just. keep. sliding.

Woke up from a weird dream, a frog, asking me to help him..

Little did I know.. It would be the final moments of my life...

 I ̵ T̷͓̈̈́R̶̭̆̑Ư̸͖̐S̸͇̹͐̄T̶̳̼̾͂ED ̶͉͕̑̚  H̸͓̽ͅIM ̸͐


             H̸͓̽ͅIM ̸͐ 

          _̸̞͖̘͙̍̏_̴̢̧͇̹͖̈́̿̏̽̏_̸̟̖̘̭̊̊̊̀̕_̸͓̜͌̊̋_̵̨͔̔̀́̃͗̍_̶̡̢̣̣͙̤͖̽͗͌̀̏͝HELP _̶̨̭̣̞̘̬̙͎̄͑͐́_̵̡̳͙͎̻̼̼̗͍̥̖̠̈́͛̓͛_̷̢͙͙͙̼̯̟̜̤̆́̉̓̀̅̈́̚̕_̴̖̆͊͒͆̿̌̈́̒̈́̄̇̉_̸̫̜̬̀͛̍̃̚͠͝_̷̡͔̰̪͚̦̪͕̯̭͐

I have noticed I am in fact a smooth brained idiot, who likes playing golf with his suitcase and getting killed by hamburgers while being allround confused. Love it.

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Potrick is the perfect example why you should not judge someone just because how they look. You should judge them by the corpses in their basement. 

Pineapples on Pizza was low on my list of delicious, but after today, IT HAS BEEN REMOVED FROM SAID LIST. 

Loved this game! It has cost me my voice tho.. 


viewing the following footage may result in DEATH

Getting my afternoon munchies in was a bit of a bigger job then I thought!

I have screamed. Loud. It actually hurt my lungs. I've uncovered phobias i did not even knew I had. 

I was certain I would not crap my pants by hearing the news of extraterresials visiting shermans farm. and yet, I was disgustingly wrong.

Love the fact I can take pictures of the streetlamp and tell the papers its aliens. 

Today, the roles were reversed, and I was the one afraid of the toilets. But by jumping over the walls we have blasted our way through all the pooppots and arrived victorious!

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What a fun game! No scary stuff at all, just a regular, casual, cooking game.

Nothing scary.

At all.

Diving into the depths of the ocean made me realize.. This was a terrible idea.. What if a fish slightly touches my leg? I'll need therapy after that.. Luckily it can't get worse right?...

Frontier Dive - Jeansentis (Horror stream)

After playing this game and talking to my therapist, I have come to the conclusion that this in fact, without a doubt is absolutely just a regular home renovation simulator. Nothing to be scared of.. It's all in your head Jean...

Regular home renovation simulator - Jeansentis (horror stream) 

If your friend calls you to clean his room. Say no. Just don't question it, hang up, call the police, escape to the other side of the world and change your name. This game proves what happens if you don't

Late night mop - Jeansentis (Horror Stream)

Relaxed racoon chilling on a groovy vaporwave drug induced highway, on a longboard. Absolutely glorious.

Tanuki Sunset - Jeansentis

Beer is the fuel of Rogues you know, that's why we CAN. NOT. RUN. OUT. 

But... what if we do?...

Rogues like beer - Jeansentis

In A neon tinted vaporwave world there is only one man, severely underequipped for the tasks at hand... NEON HITMAN MAN!

Disco Assassin - Jeansentis

Party, Pup. What else is there to say. All you need is a doggo in your life, and life is great!!!

Pet the Pup at the party - Jeansentis

The long and dark night ends in a fire fight Bikini Bottom has never seen before. Our grave digging and disturbing of restless has come back to get us.. Or do we survive?..

Nightmares at the Krusty Krab - Jeansentis

After a long, and terrified night, we arrive at our neighbor's safety... or did we?..

Squidwards Fate - Jeansentis

After a long night of horror and terror in Bikini Bottom, we finally reached the end.. or so we thought.. 

The Krusty cellar - Jeansentis

The night continues on, we started at work, robbed a few graves.. but in the early morning we entered what we thought was just our pranking neighbor's restaurant... But he was not pranking.

6 AM At the Chum Bucket

We started running at the Krusty Krab, but our greed made us stop along the way to ROB GRAVES.. Neither the Hash Slinging Slasher, nor the Flying Dutchman Appreciated it.. And we ran..

3.30 AM At Floaters cemetary - Jeansentis

The Horrors of Bikini Bottom started at 3 AM, but never stopped existing..  The start of 6 horror games started here, The Hash Slinging Slasher tried to rob us.. of our lives.. 

3 AM At the Krusty Krab - Jeansentis

"I never expected to gain an emotional connection to a game.. not in this sense. I can't get bread out of my head and I wouldn't want it any other way. What. An. Experience. We played the sequel right after, and we will patiently wait for the trilogy.

Bread - Jeansentis

10/10 Masterpiece"

This is what I said about the previous game, and Bread 2 has only improved on that experience, no one should fulfil their live without playing bread at least once in your lifetime. An experience to remember Bread for the win.

Bread 2 - Jeansentis

I never expected to gain an emotional connection to a game.. not in this sense. I can't get bread out of my head and I wouldn't want it any other way. What. An. Experience. We played the sequel right after, and we will patiently wait for the trilogy.

Bread - Jeansentis

10/10 Masterpiece

I woke up in screaming terror.. I HAD to play Dark Souls.. But alas.. I NEEDED to play Minecraft... Oh no... what to play?...


We streamed it and it was glorious!

Mine Souls 3 - Jeansentis

Mr Krabs is shooting his way through bikini bottom while chasing his car!!

This was amazing!!

That's great! If you need me to play another run, hit me up!!

Beautiful, amazing style, this game was intriguing from start to end, love it and cant wait to see where this is going!


Fake news has never been so well done xD this was amazing!

A shitty grandson makes for a shitty apartement.

This game was amazing! I had a lot of fun!

You are watching, NNC News, With Jeansentis. 

This game was amazing, i laughed my ass off xDD

This game made me laugh my ass off! it was way more difficult then I imagined, SAVE THE POTATOES!

Part 2 out now! this game just keeps on giving!

Bikini Bottom under attack and only a Sponge and his a**hole friend can save everyone!

It's refreshing to be motivated to find bugs for a change!! The game has such a good concept and I hoped I would not see the end of it so soon. 

The narration is amazing, I enjoyed every voiceline ^^

If you are looking for a quick, fun game, look no further.

I always wanted to play games on top of my roof and this game made it possible for me to do so. Love the teleporting wires and the parkour towards the roof!

I really enjoyed this! xD

I never knew the thrill of a million pancakes, this was amazing!!!!