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this game is pretty good

game was pretty cool. good job

cool game. enjoyed the puzzles and artwork

cool game. the puzzles were fun and i like the pixel graphics

cool game. i liked whacking the fumo

nice game. good job

this game was really good. i enjoyed it

this puzzle game was pretty fun to play. good job

this asset pack is really good. good job

this game was pretty cool

cool game. the puzzles are very fun and challenging.

i like this game. reminds me of old-school atari

pretty cool. it was really fun

this zine is pretty cool.

cool game. i like it

this game is pretty cool

this fan-game is pretty good. great job!

cool game. good job

cool game

i enjoyed the game. it was a really fun visual novel. good job

cool game

this software is cool

this game is really hard. but its fun though

i enjoyed this visual novel. the story was really nice

this is cool. perfect for a neocities webpage

i remember playing this game years ago. it is a fun point n' click game

the game was pretty fun. but it was a little difficult though