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Why is this free... You've stumbled onto a working formula! Keep up the good work! I love this game, it's unironically good! 

Few ideas!

-Maybe make it so you can zoom out a lil more the more you expand, feels crowded sometimes!

-Maybe make the tree go slightly transparent when you are building directly behind it, and your mouse happens to be hovered over the tree with an item selected.

-Maybe add visible damage to the tree when it's been munched on, besides just looking upset, like missing leaves and bare branches or whatever!

-Maybe It could use a fast forward button.

-Maybe make it so you can purchase more land!

-Maybe have popups for each time a new baddy appears on screen, and give a lil cute info to help peeps learn how to deal with them!

-Maybe add plants that can chomp up drops/coins! Like a snap dragon or something! lol

-Maybe the tree can grow fruit, and if enough grows it shields em from being munched on directly for a lil bit! Longer they remain un-munched, the more fruit that grows! Maybe you can pick diff fruit that has more resistance, and to balance em, maybe you are limited in amount based on what fruit you pick!

[Reasoning? I was caught off guard when flying baddies came in and ignored my flowers, if fruit was there for a buffer!]

-Maybe some type of Bomb Mushroom, for an explosive spore area attack!  Kinda like a land mine, only useful if they happen to run into it! maybe the longer it goes untouched, it'll have a chance to spread to an adjacent empty spot, as mushrooms tend to do! Maybe they also damage the tree as well if they go off directly next to it, friendly fire! so peeps can't just surround it with them! forcing them to think a lil more strategic! cause ya know... there are fungi that kill trees irl!

-Maybe add a "nonstop" mode, just wave after wave, just too see how long you can last!

-Maybe add seasons, just so the scenery changes every now and again, for variance in look!

-Maybe make it so you can click and drag your mouse to select an area to plant multiple of one plant, and it will fill that area until you're out of coin, and same for deleting them too! So it's not so tedious, and you don't feel as rushed between waves!

He lived a long happy fulfilling life. R.I.P. BitBuddy

Found a bug, BitBuddy™'s animation can get stuck from rowing and starts to make him drift downwards.When doing the holiday at an advanced age. 

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Major spoilers, and a more simple tut on starting a new game.

All BitBuddyᵀᴹ Promocodes:
HATBUDDY [Given on download page]

HOLIDAY [Given by BitBuddyᵀᴹ]

BAGELBUDDY [Adds bagels to the food]

BURGERBUDDY [Adds burgers to the food]

SWORDBUDDY [Gives a more powerful sword for the Quest mini-game]

PONIES [Unknown effect]

LIONEL.EXE [Unknown effect]

To reset your game:

Delete your originally extracted BitBuddyᵀᴹ folder.

Push Windows key + r, type in regedit and push enter

Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > SOFTWARE > and delete the "FunTech" folder.

Go to User folder > AppData > LocalLow, and delete the "FunTech" folder.

Extract a fresh copy of BitBuddyᵀᴹ from the .zip

Start the game for a whole new BitBuddyᵀᴹ

[note it will not be the same BitBuddyᵀᴹ, that one is forever dead.]

Ctrl + Shift + H will jump time ahead by 1 hour every time pressed.