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Hi Sebastien!!

Thank you for those kind words it really means a lot to us. I know we had a few more ideas we couldn’t implement due to time constraints. Maybe we’ll keep the project going once the jam is over. Thank you for checking out our game! 

It is a pretty tough game. I even struggle with it and I made it lol. Probably could’ve used one more tuning pass but we had no time :(. Appreciate you trying it out! 


Yes, there seems to be some issues with WebGL and the game causing lag and slowdown running in the browser. For the best experience we recommend downloading. Thank you for the feedback! 

Thank you for playing Dakota! I'm glad you had fun!

Hi Crankky! I really liked your game as well. The levels were so well designed. Thanks for playing our game! We knew about that bug and thought we fixed it but I guess not :( sorry about that.

Sorry it was my laptop. I tried it on my desktop and it worked just fine. I had a lot of fun playing :) 

Beautiful. Very fun!

Awesome I loved it! The animations and art style are really nice!

super fun! Really tough as well

This game was really fun. Controls are tricky but it was a really good concept!

I'm not sure your game is working in WebGL. When I start the game I'm prompted with levels but no way to select anything.

I really like this game. The game is smooth and pretty addicting.

The spider's animations are so nice. Good job!

Super polished. Really fun as well!

:( It's ok. We missed the game jam submission. I uploaded the zip file of the game. I had no clue how to upload the game.

Works perfectly! It's really fun! Pretty hard haha. I got the gun stuck inside of my body and killed myself a couple times.

I'm using Firefox. Seems to run fine in Chrome though.

Doesn't seem to work for me :(