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The beginning of the game gave me very Silent Hill vibes with the extreme fog and creatures lurking around, but then it turned its whole vibe. I also don't like that nothing in the game really can hurt  you. The monster will actually start walking  if it gets too close, and the spinning spikes don't even reach the walls so you can just walk right past them.  I got a good jump scare from the creepy shack at the end, so I'm really hoping the scare factor will amp up in the full game! Yours is the 2nd game in the bunch

The style of the game was really fun, and it delivered on the creepy atmosphere. Your game was the last one I played in this video

great game, short but pretty good atmosphere. The part right at the end actually made me jump. Yours is the first game in the 3 I played

The game was very fun, and just challenging enough to stay interesting. The story is pretty cool, and I liked how you gave the information needed to get each ending. The dude squatting around walking was terrifying for some reason!

I thoroughly enjoyed this game. I like the slow burn with suttle hints to something sinister. I like games like this that play at nothing being wrong, even tho there clearly is.

The suspense and ambience was on point! I loved the game, short as it was. Sometimes I just like an experience, and this was just that. Your game wraps up my video

Good one!

Great game! The randomness of the items or necessary locations was a nice touch to make each play feel unique. I enjoyed the fact that there were 2 different play styles depending on what option you chose with the antivirus software. I hate mannequins so this really spooked me!

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Hey thanks for the suggestion of this game! I had a blast, it was really creepy and had scary atmosphere just dripping everywhere! I hope you enjoy the video, about midway through I got a really good scare

Its an amazing game with an original play style. Its refreshing to see a horror game that isn't a PT clone or find x number of whatever to escape. Loved the aesthetics and the music. Can't wait for the full release!

I reallyed enjoyed the gameplay and the whole atmosphere of the game, and having to use the radio to determine your next actions was unique, helpful and creepy at the same time. The armless laughing/crying guy was freaky, and I enjoyed every minute of it.