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Just discovered this and played two games. It's fun! A couple questions (I tried the discord link but it's expired):

- Do you need to dig to the first level before you can build anything (ie you need both a 3 and a 4 on your first roll phase)?

- The plaques that say "depth: x" and "gold: x" refer to the whole 9-block area, right? (I played my first game thinking they referred to only the level they were aligned with but I'm pretty sure now I got it wrong.)

- Assuming my second question is correct, does "unique" mean unique to the mine or unique to the depth? If the latter, can one depth hold a tavern, gaming den, and a concert hall? And do you have to buy the "cheaper" ones before you can buy the costlier ones? If the former: if I build a tavern at depth 1 and a gaming den at depth 2, do I get 2 free rerolls for the rest of the game? By the same token, if I build a blacksmith at depth 1, does that let me double the effects of one digging dwarf on every roll? 

- Last question. If I've dug only to the top level of a given depth, can a build anywhere in it? Similarly, do I have to build left-to-right?