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Jackalope Conspiracy

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This is probably my favorite game. I think it really nails the aesthetic.

By far the most beautiful game here. I hope to someday know as much cool unity stuff as you :)

I'm impressed you emulated the smash screen so well. Nice work man.

Love the music and the jump

This looks super cool. And the physics feel good. Not sure what the strategy is, seems like it is a little button mashy but real cool still.

This game is total troll and I love it.

Everything is just so cohesive as a package, nice job man!

You should release a non timed version for longer play. This could be really cool for local multiplayer

Man this is a really clever idea! I like this!

I like the style, the art looks really good, and the quit screen is funny but I can't attack with either character! Neither the space or the enter do anything?

I was sad you couldn't rocket jump :(

I like the RGB split, espc on when you throw the menu items. All the words floating around is so confusing in a good way. Also props to sticking to the aspect ratio really consistently. Aesthetic is nice and cohesive.

I like the use of photographs in this. Also the dinkus and donkus names were funny :)

I had the same problem as Kyle. It's fun though. Reminds me of Bari Bari Ball.

This game is awesome. Really well done. like this feels like a legit game all on it's own, not just a ripoff parody.

This game looks realllly cool. And it feels good too

Presentation on this is awesome.

This feels very authentically bootlegged. You could say it feels like a real fake ;) I'm not sure how competative it would be but I think you nailed the aesthetic.

Really cool, I like the hand drawn graphics.

This game feels good, like a really complete package. I love the noise at the beginning screen, how'd you make that?

I like the combination of IP and genre. Wish there was a bit better signifier when you succesfully get a button price right though, sorta hard to tell at first.

It needs to be full screen.

Really solid! Reminds me of the mario versus game in New Super Mario Brothers DS. Nice job.

This is really cool, but it's basically broken because if the two players both mash fire at the begin it's over in less than 3 seconds. Too bad! Should have placed them farther a part and maybe added some permanent cover

This game was really funny. I like the voice effects and stuff.

Love the presentation, and the mechanic. Nice job.

It's good game, really cool, but it's broke :(

Isn't working on my computer. Necro doesn't leap :(

Controls for player 2 aren't working properly :( Game looks really great though!

Did you not send this in to Duplicade? I don't see it man.

Okay it worked for me this time. You might want to make the menu navigable by keyboard since at the actual game fest the contestants won't have easy access to the mouse probably.

Yeah, I am on windows. let me try again

I enjoyed this a lot. The physics feel just right.

This is such a cool concept and great art, I just wish I wasn't so bad at shmups.

This game is pretty dang cool. Nice job on the art and I like the whole turrety mechanic.

It says invalid upload