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I'm so hyped, the trailer looks great, the game is 3x larger in filesize than usual (and it's just "demo"), gonna play it tomorrow :O

OOOH i gotta find that one tomorrow.

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I barely launched it and i already know this will be my favourite one. I absolutely love all your works. The new music collab sounds great as well. Keep it up man! I'd love to see you work with a gamemaking studio one day possibly and make a puzzle/walking simulator game together. 

EDIT: And I've finished it. HOLY CRAP. The experience was amazing, finding the camera took me more time than doing the photos (in fact, i got 5 out of 6 before finding the photo board!), and then i walked through the gate... and what I found there was FREAKING INCREDIBLE. The second mode is AMAZING. I love it sooooo much!!! 

PS: I took a picture in the secret mode (after clearing out the photo board) and i heard the *ding*...? Is there more to do? Anymore secrets, drone, dream mode, anything?

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It looks incredible, can't wait to play it!!!

Good to see a official collaboration with Chillhop Music, keep it up man

this doesn't work like that dumbass. 

Buy the full version? lmao

huh. it doesnt have proper xinput or dinput support lol. you have to remap it manually in j2k/ds4w/whatever you use

Well, this is a demo. The full steam version is Beta 21 i believe

steam has drm though

If you've played Fushimi Inari by CavesRD you might remember going off the road to find a hidden statue and take a picture of it. Well, the idea is reused here. Go off the road sometimes :) 

Maybe an issue with either the movement blur or the mouse smoothing?

I'm back after buying it on the steam sale! Definitely my favourite of your creations. Looking forward to more experiences like this. I love it so much. It's also greatly improved comparing to the original New Zealand Recreation thats still on my hard drive. Is there a way to turn on the "dream" weather mode (constantly spinning sun) again? I've had it only for like a minute and then the game just kicked me out to the original sunny setting. Also the drone is such a incredible addition, I want it in your next games too! Too bad it's restricted by the skybox so much, i wanted to make a photo from very far, over the lake and just hit an invisible wall with my drone. Other then that again I love it so so so much <3 

When I saw that trailer I laughed so hard and instantly downloaded this. Incredible game!

You are still missing the point. This game is perfect as it is and adding anything to it would just destroy the joke. The joke is not only the final pun - the whole setting is a big joke. The story you are introduced to is so generic and typical. You start by exploring the hub - most of the players can spend a couple of minutes here, just looking at details that don't matter at all and THAT'S PART OF THE JOKE. Theres a couple second elevator ride, then there is 5 seconds of building the atmosphere, a jump(not-really)scare and the pun. Next, ending screen. And that's the end of the joke.