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Enter an atmospheric, rainy park at night and take snapshots reflective of the mood brought down upon you. The environment and camera mechanics are excellent. I only wish there were people, animals or some kind of life to photograph.

Is it possible to pull up the gallery while playing the game?

There's nothing more horrifying than an angry horde of Santa's elves swarming The Big Man with a vengeance!

Found the P e p s i ?

The winner is you! Thanks for playing .

This is a fun game! It kinda reminds me Mr. Mosquito on PS2, which is definitely a good thing.

I almost didn't add BTTF2 Pepsi bottle because it's probably copyrighted by at least one multi-billion dollar corporation with an army of litigious lawyers. But! I did, because that's what you do in the vaporwave scene, apparently.

PepsiCo, come at me!

Studio Primitive! This jam game was mostly created on the fly, minus some reference art pulled from Instagram and a dynamic Depth of Field tutorial from Game Dev Guide. Honestly, I'm happy enough of the elements worked for us before the deadline passed. Thanks for giving it a go.

James, I'm glad you were able to get into the  v a p o r w a v e  theme. Harlock and I have some ideas on where to take this concept next, so we'll have something new to share sooner or later. Thanks for playing!

You got me -- it's true there isn't much of a game here yet. Harlock and I spent our time on the dynamic Depth of Field controller, and the environment's visuals. I've added your note about jumping to the backlog, I think it's something we can improve upon. Thanks for playing!

Within minutes, you'll find yourself absorbed in the alien planet's atmosphere. Visuals are nicely done, there's some beautiful environments to give the player scenic views. The sound design was my favourite part...I was impressed how the robot, nature sounds and music blended nicely. Overall, great effort.

I'll remember you!

Jade, this was really cool and legit freaky! I admire how you sequenced all of the events together in a way that drove me through the narrative. Your prototype works and I could definitely see it as a larger game.

Thanks for giving my game another go, Max! The controls are based on Tiny Car Controller, however they've been modified to match the level's roads, dirt ramps, power ups etc. After participating in the game jam, I decided to create a spiritual successor (of sorts) which I'm calling "Disaster Drive." I'll be doing a Steam playtest soon, and would love have you play my latest sometime.

- Jordan

Also curious about this! Does LOW-FI mine Etherium?

I really enjoyed the puzzles in Locked In Time. I wanted to play more levels after I found the pie!

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This game was absolutely riveting for its (short) duration! Check it out.

ZussMan, I had a good time playing your game. Especially the relaxing music alongside the rapidly shrinking car! Did I win the game?

Thanks James! Honestly I was just experimenting with the colors and post processing, so it just came together that way. Glad you enjoyed the driving!

Thanks Zilpio! I found the surfer van on the Unity Asset Store [ link ], then modified the included .PSD texture file by changing van's colour scheme to better fit the game's environment.

Thanks Bishop! One of my goals with this project was to practice the "strinking visuals" thing, so I'm happy the thumbnail grabbed your attention. 

For years, I had very little interest in getting a drivers license. I ended up getting one out of necessity, but if it weren't for driving games I'm doubtful I would have found the motivation to continue improving my driving skills on real and virtual roads. So, if I can reach just one person in a similar way, then I consider Electric Sunset a worthwhile effort.  

In Memorabilia, the player is  quickly swept away into a dark yet sobering natural world where memories of the past are once again at the forefront of your mind. Be wary of straying from the path, especially if one sees a momentary glimpse of light. You. Will. Get. Lost. In the end, the player must make a choice. Did you make the "right" choice? 

Not too long ago, I had opportunity to play The Interview. And let me tell you, I wasn't disappointed. In fact, I rather enjoyed Geoff's latest game! Why? I was legitimately spooked several times, most memorable was the sound of a door unlocking after solving a puzzle. A door unlocking! That's a testament to the spooky atmosphere Geoff conjured up for his debut game. Well done!

Hi Dunkaroojones, unfortunately I don't own Valve's VR hardware, which makes adding support for Index difficult. I appreciate your feedback and I thank you for checking out my game.

Hi Tactoe, I liked your game concept - simple yet fun. The world is bright and vibrant, and the dialog put a smile on my face. I would have appreciated camera control with the mouse, as I often found myself running blindly towards the camera which made it difficult to locate the queens. Nice job!

I had a good time playing this! I was impressed by how animated characters were used to advance the story along. I also enjoyed walking on top of the roof after doing the climbing bit. I wasn't able to progress past the box after jumping through the window -- I tried walking around it, and also jumping over it...but I always alerted the home owner. How do I get past this part?

I tried "Trick Or Treats" out on Oculus Quest, however I couldn't get hand tracking to work. However, the parts I could experience were great, especially the atmosphere and art. Keep making VR games!

I appreciate the feedback, and I plan to do a points system for my next microgame. In the mean time, I've uploaded a patched version of Pumpkinhead Is Dead! to SideQuest that's a bit more difficult. Thanks for playing my game!

Thanks for playing, Andy! It was certainly a challenge bringing everything together in just 72 hours, so I'm glad to hear the spatial audio actually worked out in the end.