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You are a true CC0 hero!

You're right. You do fantastic work and I shouldn't have disrespected it. I've just bought too many icon packs with shameless copy+paste+recolor that the topic has become a pet peeve of mine. This pack does have many high quality original icons and $0.44 cents per icon really isn't too much to ask (especially since they are 32x32).

I wasn't asking you to reduce the price. I was just mentioning the price point where I would have bought the pack without thinking about it. Most of this type of collection packs are significantly discounted. And I'm sure many buyers have already purchased several of your icon packs already. 

Here's a suggestion: 

Keep your price point the same (at 7 cents per icon), but split this into 4 or 5 smaller packs... maybe with these categories:






I'm sure you would get more interest this way... especially if you are upfront about how many of the icons are recolors.

Roughly 1800 of those icons are hue shifted copies of the other icons... and many (about half?) of the ~900 remaining icons are slight modifications of their neighboring icons, but there are definitely at least 450 original icons in this pack... which makes it about 44 cents per icon.

At 0.07 per icon the 450 would be just over $30 which seems about right (but I'd probably wait until it was down to $20) (even though I probably own most of them anyway)

Way too much hue shifting for the price...

Epic! You are a true CC0 hero!

Could we please get a sprite sheet with all the icons in one png file?

Great icons, but there are too many very similar colors.

Cool, they look great

You don't mention how many unique vs recolor there are... seems fishy

What is the license?

Super cool collection! Well worth the price :)

They're super elegant. Nice work!

Gunna need you to go back to making icons my dude <3

Gorgeous flags... but where's the bear and leather flag???

Why apply CC BY NC and then redact it?

This makes me want to write the story of Tommy and Twiggy :)

I've purchased every item/icon pack you've listed on itch except this one. Are there any new icons in this set?

I've purchased your bundle! You do such great work. Thank you! May the 4th be with you too!

I would be tempted to buy it at 70% discount.

I'll buy it if you discount it by 90%

If that's a problem then you've selected the wrong license.

These are really fantastic. Could you zip them into one file?

Animate them and double the price

What is the icon in the 4th row, second from the left?

Awesome status icons. Great work as usual!

I apologize. It was a graphical glitch on my machine. It looked like the 32x32 and 64x64 were stacked. I'll remove the comment. Thanks for the quick response.

It works, thanks!

Something is wrong with this rar file. No apps can open it on my Galaxy S20

Nice style, you should make more!

Could you add them all to one zip?

Each couple is only 2 frames. One frame is obviously just a low effort skew of the first frame.