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Cool learning project, I'd play a game like that with more progression (different upgrades/buildings etc) and dangers (enemies attacking regularly etc). Could make a fun, chill "survival" game.

A simple and beautiful experience. I can feel a lot of love was put into this game, and the result is quite pleasant.

Fun game, but everything goes to hell once I get the soup machine due to being too inaccurate and too slow... Maybe I've just been unlucky.

Just made an account to tell you how an absolute gem this game is. A fantastic approach to the survival genre that puts survival before stupid crap like PvP battle-royal-ish combat *ahem* Rust, DayZ, need I go on *ahem*. The game looks stunningly great, runs well even on lower tier computers, supports hosting private servers... really, what else is there to ask? It's like Skyrim but with survival, building and crafting. An absolute pleasure to play co-op with friends.

I'm extremely eager to see what else you bring to the table, and whatever you do - keep on the path you're going now. This is really good, and I wish you the best in keeping it that way. Good job and thank you!