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Part 3 is here - I was working on a version for the spectrum NEXT, it uses some of those images.  

It should work now. You should be able to complete part 2. I'll upload part 3 tomorrow.

The game does say its a work in progress, and only part 1 and 2, however, you're right about the third flower - you should be able to get it! I will fix it. Thanks for letting me know. I will also publish part 3 for HTML - then you can play the full game :)

Hey, thanks for the link. I never thought anyone would play the web version, which isn't complete. The Spectrum game is complete. If you have Divide and play it on a real spectrum then you can play the graphical version.

This is wonderful!! I have shared the video on TG with the Z88 community there. Great to see the game taking shape. I can't wait to see how you make it work. Thank you!

Thats great, I'm glad you like it :)

Once you have the shoe, keep going right.

Did you find the secret area??

So close, don't give up 😉


great atmosphere. I got as far as Eugine's lair. Its pot luck getting past that stage as you can't see Eugene to time your run. Cool Mod, in any case.

Excellent video! Thank you :)

Connect4 (ZX Spectrum) community · Created a new topic hi!

This is really cool. The standard C version, could be compiled for the Cambridge Computers Z88, using Z88DK. Do you have any interest in doing this?  I could help you, as I actually have a Z88.

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Really cool game. Im in room 2 and accidentally found the dial, when I was trying to rotate the wheel. Because I typed 'x dial' rather than 'x wheel'. But I can't actually find the dial in the room! I feel like I shouldn't be able to interact with the dial until I actually find where it is. Enjoying the game, thanks. Edit* I found where the dial is. I was able to interact with the dial even though I wasn't in the same room as it! A bug :)

all fixed, please download 2.7. Many improvements made now. More complex sentences like ASK XXXX ABOUT XXXX. Glad you are enjoying it :)

please redownload - major update and part two should be a bit easier.

Thank you. I will release and update with a fix.

Thank you. I've fixed the typo and will release an update once I've finished part 3, which I'm working on now. I would love to hear your thoughts on part 2 :)

awesome. Can you put some screenshots here please?

I added a walkthrough txt file. It does contain major spoilers!

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Thanks. Fixed! See v0.3 soon. Lots of improvements included :)

very nice. Love these one button games. I thought this was for the Next at first! excellent graphics.

Awesome! Thank you

Thank you  for the feedback :)

gracias por los comentarios