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Right? We deserve some kind of sixth sense to make up for it. :)

Replied to KIrving in Premium Content

Found it! Thanks so much for the fast help! :)

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Thank you for such a beautiful game. I got misty-eyed in most routes and that doesn't happen to me often! Great writing and so great to have so many satisfying conclusions. Well done! Oh, and I wanted to compliment the art - my eyesight actually is about as bad as Lina's and it was cool to see a version of the Impressionist world I see when I'm without glasses or contacts.

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Hello, I purchased the premium content but can't find the code. Help?

Also, I love this game - thank you for making it so well-written with complex, interesting storylines and dialogue. I'm impressed with the variety!  Also, it's nice to read some hot romance written for and about adults. Thank you!