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A completely perfect 5-page universal supplement. Funny bone tickled in the best way.

Been following this development on social media for a while and I'm delighted that I've a chance to pick up the pack, this is great

So ridiculously cheesed that this is officially released! Excited to get my hands on the game and even more excited to have a digital store to point my friends to!

Thank you for the news! Especially glad you're working on keeping your own head above water. That's important.

We are deep in HELL YEAH territory with this one

This hits a very particular set of genres, conventions and needs for me. I'm looking forward to finding the right group to run and play this with. It's VERY good.

I was going to wait to comment until after I'd done a thorough read, some test builds, and maybe even tried the game out with my group. My initial impressions were extremely positive, but I've been led astray by good vibes and excellent aesthetics before.

Then I saw your comment in the community copy text and I couldn't wait that long: you're doing an excellent thing here. The review is still forthcoming, there'll probably be another comment here when it happens, but I already can't speak highly enough of your work.

Thank you.

Just a quick note to say that I'm delighted and that Legionnaire is up there with Liminal Space in the "Yeah, this is part of my canon, assume that it is present in every game I run unless specified otherwise" list. Y'all do excellent work.

I cannot wait to get some hands-on time with this game. It's bristling with attitude and style, and just full of energy. Let's GOOOOOO

Delighted to see a vn/relationsim centered around the kind of people I know, struggling through familiar situations in familiar places! Eagerly waiting for the full release!

This looks amazing! I'm ordering a copy now, and here's to meeting the funding goals!