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my favorite kinds of games, short and interesting concept.

I'm actually amazed that i didn't realize it sooner, but the game actually has a pretty cool story outline that isn't directly told to you. You guys did a really great job with making ends meet in terms of game mechanics lining up with the plot of the game. I dont wanna spoil anything for anyone who hasn't played but this is definitely an underrated game on the site, deserves way more recognition.

I completed all of the endings in this game! it was a really interesting experience and i always love the ps1 graphic style. Great job on this one i hope you have more awesome work in the future planned!

Nah you just seem sour. YouTubers use it to grow their platform and if the game developers felt like they didn't want that in their comments they could easily turn it off. Stop being negative to people for no reason. That's cringe.

Pretty fun game, i had a hard time with the combat at some points but its just because i suck lol

I played this game to completion and i genuinely enjoyed it. You have great execution of using lighting correctly, with a good mix of ambient sounds that give it such a shock when i get jumpscared.. alot. Great job looking out for your other work!

This game really creeped me out and it has great potential. Its a bit buggy but so is every game. Good Job keep up the good work.

Played this game last out of the three i played. This game gave me some decent chills. Im still a bit confused about the ending but it has pretty solid story telling and pacing in this art style which im a big fan of i loved it!

Game scared the crap out of me, ive been familiar with the creepypasta for a while but i didnt go in expecting to jump like a little girl. great job!

I played this game for my recent video. I'm really looking forward to the final release. I love games in this artstyle and the game really has essence. I definitely recommend everyone going to get it on steam when it drops!

This was a pretty fun game, I played it second in my video. It gave me chills because I was always haunted by the fact that this weirdo is chasing me. I couldn’t quite figure everything out but I did enjoy it nonetheless. 

I played this game in my video here. It was a pretty creepy short game and was well paced and kinda funny for what it is. I couldn’t figure out how to get the second ending though

I played this game in my recent video (first) it was quick little atmospheric game I like it the ending was very abrupt but I’m sure that’s what you were going for LOL keep up the good work. 

This game was very... interesting. Well really i did enjoy it lol

I enjoyed messing around with it in my video, its a great concept and i had fun.

I played this game in my latest video i really enjoyed it and got some good scares out of it! great job man

Great concept i really enjoyed it, and the music choice was exceptional, keep up the good work

This game game me some real chills.. mostly from that tree outside though.. thing is creepy 

This game was kinda buggy for me but i found it really funny lol it played it last in this video

I played this game in my latest video and suprisingly actually won, it was quick and unsettling just like i like it.

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I am still to this date genuinely enjoying the game and it’s progress. It has so much potential and I’ll definitely keep playing around with it as it updates. I tried yandere mode yesterday for the first time. I was not disappointed 

It was short and sweet love those kinds of games.

That was a pretty fun an creepy game.. i could not for the life of me finish it though because the monster was way too fast unless i missed something. either way great job!

Nice little quick thriller i enjoyed it keep it up!

oh my gosh I didn’t even realize I posted the wrong gameplay link here.. I’ll delete it immediately thank you for alerting me! and sorry for my negligence. 

This game was fun lol, i enjoyed my time playing it. silly and scary at the same time

This was rather fun i wont lie, i thoroughly enjoyed it and i hope you keep making awesome stuff like this. 

This was rather fun to experiment with, i couldnt find all the endings though unofrtunately

This was a really fun experience to be honest I was confused on how to beat the game but i got the hang of it lol

Hi i made a video similar to this

So two things.. the lighthouse is creepy and im immortal apparently.

Enjoyed this short little game, got a good spook out of me 

Pretty cool concept to be honest i actually enjoyed it alot

Not gonna lie this game got me a bit at the end lol

game is pretty funny and it did actually scare me lol good work!

This game struck my soul in the worst ways. 

i definately didnt get jumpscared by the crab..

Played it in my video, it had a pretty nasty twist at the end :)