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I love this game honestly, the replay value is incredibly high and the atmosphere is just right. Can’t wait for nightmare mode. 

I won’t lie it got me at the end it was really cool how it was procedurally generated and the ambience really creeped me out great job! 

this was a really solid experience, gave me chills with the ambience build-up and the pacing was good as well. I do think my game glitched though it crashed after I was going “where I belong” 

honestly got me really good towards the end, this was a great concept and I hope you expand on this and make it into another experience! 

This game is actually terrifying at the right moments. There is ALOT of little quality of life features and details that I love, you guys even went far enough to make a little follower system. Id definitely recommend anyone at least give it a play, This is a great little game.

honestly had me on edge the entire playthrough, I literally was so close to just exiting the game with how dark it. Great job I can’t wait to see the full experience!


a quick and effective short horror experience, it’s definitely worth a quick play I admit I did get spooked a bit. 

this is a very strange yet entertaining game. If you like short horror experiences with multiple endings, this is the way to go! Great job dev 

great atmosphere, simplistic but effective controls, great pacing all ties together with a great climax. Honestly really good, thanks for making this! 

this was super fun, thanks for reaching out about it. I honestly loved the slow down feature it was like a real action scene lol 

This was pretty funny, and i do admit the jumpscares got me a couple times lol

There were like a few points where the killers Ai detected me in really strange places which was a bit frustrating. However this was still an incredibly solid experience! Can’t wait for the next. 

I love these games, they have such a unique feel to them and are never too repetitive due to the constant addition of new game mechanics! Please keep making these masterpieces! 

Honestly a great first chapter, I really love the artstyle and the overarching story. With time i can tell this will be GREAT please keep working hard on it!

 This is the Third game in my video

This is very symbolic but i really enjoyed the experience. You did a great job building atmosphere keep up the good work!

This game is very evil in the best way possible. I love the multiple ending short game style and i wont lie. You got me. 

Excellent use of building ambience and the jumpscares were effective when necessary

Honestly a rather good short horror experience, great job! 

This game probably got the biggest jumpscare out of me that id ever had on my channel. I have to give you props for how well you did a couple scenes. Great job! 

this game was really cool, it reminded me of pt a lot. Please make this into a full experience I could see this becoming something great in the future. 

I love the overall atmosphere of this game. It had a great build up and i felt unsettled throughout the entire playthrough, great job!

Amazing concept, I hope you expand the world and make a full experience out of this. Its honestly horrifying knowing you have to unveil your own demise as something stalks you in the darkness. 

This was honestly a very interesting experience! I loved the aesthetic of the game and the story really came together well after that sick transition. Keep up the good work!

This game is incredible with atmosphere and thats great because it further reinforces the premise of the game. It makes you feel uneasy and unsure at all times as you dont necessarily have a yes or no to the question.. is there a man in the attic or not? I guess you'll have to find out. Great job developer! 

This games ambience is INSANE, at all times i felt like i was not safe due to the various moans and groans of the monsters roaming around paired with the dark areas and the flashlight that keeps going out. Its a great experience I recommend giving it a shot!

I had fun with this, it was actually really creepy and i had a hard time not being uncomfortable as i had no clue what was surrounding me. Great job! 

Amazing game, it was incredibly eerie even with the 2d style. in fact I think it stung a bit more because of it. 

Game definitely gotta some pretty good scares out of me, I cant wait to play the full game

I found the secret ending and I am now content :) Great game i love these little short multi ending experiences!

This game was great at building atmosphere and making me feel incredibly unsettled. Please keep working on games with this AMAZING framework! 
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I cant wait to see what you turn it into after its completed. of course there's a few bugs that i address at the end of this video, but i think you still did an excellent job!

This was a really cool experience because ive always wondered what actually transpired beyond just the sound. Great job!

Niven! How are you friend?

Ummm.. I Didn't play it..It played me.

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This was a fun little silly horror game, and honestly i liked it. It was a simple concept with simple controls that functioned, clearly the entity was walking on a linear path so that made it super easy, but even with that i still had fun!
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This was great and I LOVED the attention to detail, the idea of the transitioning through the photobook was really cool and different as well, I cant say i Fully understand the story as i wasnt able to get the other ending I wanted for some reason but it was great experience nontheless! 

This was a funny/creepy little experience, I can tell youll continue to make awesome projects in the future. The atmosphere was also really good, keep up the good work!

This game actually scared the crap out of me with one of the jumpscares, you did a great job with a certain chase segment making me feel like i had no where to run. That's how you instill fear in someone's soul lol, great job!

this was such a dope concept. I honestly had a great time with it and it was well worth the price, keep up the good work! 

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I love the whole overall feel of the game, it felt incredibly vintage and had a pretty cool 80's aesthetic to it, Surprisingly not alot of other people have messed with games in that time period. I also enjoyed the psychological horror aspect of the game. it had a way of making me feel uncomfortable for some reason. Great job

First of all the idea of this is INSANE, i had a hard concept grasping what kind of world the character was in and im still puzzled about the ending. This game had a great way of building suspense and getting me with the very spontaneous jumpscares. This is a great game please expand this some more id love to see a full game with this playstyle!