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Jay Thunderstorm

A member registered Oct 04, 2018

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Excellent short experience mixing the uncanny horrors of going to school with being bad at horseshoes and ring toss. This game certainly is a great follow-up for 3 minutes with your dog and i had a great time with it. 

This game was so wild and so goofy and still managed to be pretty terrifying. I need to play the rest of this asap! the only nitpicks I had was that the inventory system requiring you to place items into your quick slot to use them became very tedious and the checkpoint was really far away. Other than that great job!


This was honestly such a great game and im really surprised it hasn't blown up yet! it looks good, has great pacing and the jumpscares were pretty lethal too. I also loved the secret. Please keep making great work like this :) 

This was such a great and immersive experience. Huge emphasis on sound design and it definitely delivered it correctly. It was such a cool concept as well, I can’t wait to see what else you’re cooking up :) 

Incredibly good, but im always having such a hard time noticing the smaller things. thats perfect. the subtilty makes it so much more of an immersive experience and makes the bigger jumpscares hit a whole lot harder. excellent job! 


once again we’re back dealing with this mutant mascot, the torment never ends. For some reason I feel like this isn’t the end still lol. This was pretty funny and it was quick and sweet, I had a good time with it! 

I loved it. It seems a lot like no-snake hotel but with its own little spin. It takes the tiny little aspects of roaches being gross and magnifies it to the max and crafts a spooky, yet satirical experience, keep up the good work! 

This is such a cool game honestly. I love the aesthetic, the atmosphere and the combat system. These games are always so fun and i really hope to see more like this in the future :) 

One of THE BEST Spongebob Fan made games ive ever gotten to experience. I had such a great time with this and i can tell you really put some soul into this. It even has multiple parts! Huge W. Keep making bangers!

This Game was ABSOLUTELY INSANE. I had such a good time with this and the ending literally threw me off so bad. The atmosphere, build-up, mechanics and the disturbing creatures all were crafted PERFECTLY. Id love to see a full experience like this

I love this game man, honestly it was such an atmospheric experience that really built up tension in all the right ways. Combined with the really cool text-based game integration.

 Keep doing your thing Connor you’re a mastermind. 

this game was freaking insane. I literally had so much fun with this and I can’t wait to see what this turns into. The ending was the best part lol

Always LOVE your games Combo Bomb. Theyre always short, sweet and random. just how I like it. Keep making bangers my friend!

really interesting concept here. I can’t wait to see what this turns into. If you keep at this you’ll have a really solid mascot horror experience and I can’t wait for the next part! 

This game is so incredibly goofy, and I love it. It definitely got me a few times and I really loved the multiple endings. Keep up the great work! 

I love this update so much. I had to go back in and find all the secrets. You’ve crafted a masterpiece here and I can’t wait for night 2! 

Excellent concept and great execution. Minor bugs that you have already addressed, but other than that I had a great time with this. I really hope you expand upon this and turn it into a more full experience :)

Bro this update honestly makes the game look SO good. Great job on the update germfood, I cannot wait until day 2 comes out!

I had quite the experience playing this game. It was so freaking dark and I know that was the whole point of it but I’m way too blind to deal with this lol overall great game with a very strange concept. I enjoyed it thoroughly. 

This game was a great expansion of your little universe here! I really enjoyed the ambience and the fact that there wasn't some aggressive jumpscare every two seconds. Great job I cant wait to see more heat out of you Daniel!

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I still absolutely love this game but Yangire mode was absolutely insane in terms of difficulty. I really hope the dev returns with an absolute banger update, or maybe nightmare mode finally :) 

I love this game so much. The integration worked really well but i wasnt able to get the text to speech to work. It was still a really cool experience and it really gave life to the game and made it feel alot more interactive. you will not have the same experience every time and that makes it very interesting! please keep up the great work :) 

This was really fun and cozy horror experience, timing was great and i loved how uncanny it felt towards the end. Great job id love to see a more full experience of this! 

If im being completely honest it could definitely use some polish, BUT i do love the ideas thrown in here and the map is great considering how hard it is to find spongebob models. I REALLY wanna see you come back to this and polish it off Adam. Great Job :)

Amazing job on your first game. The way you built the ambience was executed perfectly and the tension definitely got to me towards the end. Only thing I could say is possibly return one day and make a couple more endings. A game like this is perfect for that. 

I used to play Binding Of Isaac ALOT in my free time and i gotta say- great job with the attention to detail and 1-1 conversions. This has great potential and i hope i can return one day when there's more to it (if you plan on expanding) 

this is a very cool style for a game. It’s comical and still pretty creepy in an uncanny way. If this turns into a full experience I’d love to return! 

combo bomb, my friends. You already know how much I love you guys style. Keep making bangers please 

This game was pretty cool tbh, I wish he wasn’t so fast but it did provide an entirely difference experience that kinda forced me to hide. Great job! 

combo bomb, you’re the best. I always have such a fun time with your games even if they do bug a bit. I can’t wait to see more masterpieces out of you my friend! 

great experience Niven! Had a pretty good time with this one and I see you’ve improved quite a bit!

Can’t wait to see your future work.

this is quite literally one of the most interesting concepts for a indie horror game I’ve ever played, an expansion upon this would be amazing! Great experience all around. 

this game was pretty fun even though I struggled through it quite a bit. Most of the trouble came from getting trapped by the mannequin or just dying way too fast from tick damage. Other than that it was a pretty good experience. 

I managed to get the good ending, wasn't sure if there was a bad one or not but I genuinely had a good time with this rendition. there was obviously a couple of bugs that i had happen but i still enjoyed it. The ending actually caught me off-guard too! cant wait for Nightmare Mode!

The Halloween Edition is a really cool rendition and i genuinely enjoyed it!

thank you!