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kept me playing for an hour straight! great spooky story!

i got all 3 endings. and i want to say the bad endings just made me so sad :( the music was so perfect that i gave me goosys and teary eyes :( i hope this isnt a true story, okay?

here's my full experience in HD! :D well done dev!

hi, could you help me, im kinda stuck on this level :3

i had so much fun tho, but im just stuck ;/ i love the black and white graphics, it reminds me of Limbo :D

First of all, i LOVE the graphics, what software did you use? Second of all, good job on the game play and the NARRATION (especially) xD i hope your game win the jam! :D

i have a THEORY in the end, i hope im right ( or maybe close enough? :D )

that is sad to hear :( f*** the judges! haha! well good luck on your game dev future! looking forward on your games!

Goodevening :D

i hope this game wins the pixel horror jam :)

Great job on the environment, making surprising jumpscares and i really like the most is the jumpscares are really unexpected. I played the having no idea what the story is but as i play along, it was really becoming intriguing, intresting and somewhat creepy at the same time (and i like). And with those things, for me, is what a horror game should be like. so great job :D

i made a playthrough of it to help your game to be exposed somehow:

goodjob again! 10/10!! :D

Played the game. 10/10 for me :)

I have a question, Is the girl part of the developers of this game?

This game just really kept me playing for 1 hour straight that i dont want to get off my seat! The story was really intriguing, suspense and some other time funny (tape and cds bruh haha)

i made a full gameplay and i really enjoyed it the whole time:

i hope you guys win that jam event! i voted for you!