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I love this. I ran. Had my heart racing! Awesome game!

It was a really weird feeling. like I was doing something bad... check out my walkthrough!

Hmmm... I liked it. especially how the paintings changed (wink wink) lol awesome story, would have loved to see more. Here's my walkthrough.

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HAHA!! OH GEEZ! This game is scary yet hilarious. Had me laughing yet with my heart racing. Thank you for creating such awesomeness! Check out my walk through!

This was a very great experience for me. I love horror games! This one was one of those games that gets you really good with those jump scares! Sound effects were loud! Everything over all was awesome! Thanks for creating such great game!! Check out my walkthrough!

I honestly really enjoyed this game, it made me jump and had my adrenaline going. I was trying to be ready for anything coming around those corners/rooms lol. I LOVE the fact that u can interact with objects (I was playing with some lol) But overall I wish there were a full game of this. i'd so buy it! Keep up the good work!

Check out my game play!

Wow. All I can say is wow. This game surprised me. I love the idea. Great game! 

Check out my game play!

Guys, I really REALLY hate the fact that this game is so short!!! I REALLY ENJOYED this game. I was literally scared, about to crap my pants lol. I wish it was longer. GREAT GAME! Check out my game play lol!

awesome! I'm definitely playing it tonight!

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Ok, The only thing I'd like to say is that it needs to be longer. This game had my heart racing at first, but I then had to get used to the house, because when I died the items that needed to be picked up where spawning elsewhere (which is good). I actually enjoyed this game! Good work! (Some jump scares would had been cool too!)

I tried downloading the link is broken...

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MY GUY! This is funniest yet most panic enabling game I've ever played! lmao I was actually stressing! Great game guys! Check out my game play!

GREAT GAME! Wish there were more to it. Hope the full game can be developed! Here's my walkthrough.

Great game! Wish it had a little more to it, I also thought it was a bit dark but overall I loved it! Had me creeped out through out the whole game play! Check out my video below! 

Great game! I'd love to see more down the road! I did a walkthrough. Enjoy.