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Jay's Horror Gaming

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I absolutely loves this game! One of the BEST Blair Witch like games out there! | 3rd Game

BEST Horror Cleaning Sim OUT THERE! Love this game! Even playing it multiple times, I still got scared! All Endings | 10th Game

This was a blast to play! Loved the story in this and the jump scares were SPOOKY! Keep up the awesome work! | 12th Game

This is ONE of the SCARIEST Games on! N4ba knows how to make a terrifying Horror Game! | 14th Game

This game was CRAZY and this playthrough wasn't EVEN the Full Version! I played this a while back! Can't wait to check out the Full Version! You ALL will being seeing that SOON! | 15th Game

I am a Building Inspector and go to places like this! This game hit home and scared me BAD!! Great Work! | 19th Game

I REALLY hope we get a FULL Version! I have had this on my Wishlist for a bit now! This is a great and terrifying experience! Keep up the awesome work! | 22nd Game

There is a reason this game is ALWAYS in the TOP spots of! This game is terrifying and the premise is CRAZY! | 23rd Game

This game is terrifying & there is a reason it stays in the TOP Horror Games!

I LEGIT jumped out of my seat at the end! You made an amazingly simple but spooky game!

Everywhere you go there is false advertising and this one turned out deadly!

This game is as tense as it is terrifying! Great Ending! 

Why are Mannequins so TERRIFYING!! Plus, you have to just stare at it!! This was SCARY!!

Gemezl never does wrong and this is a scary example! Looking for our brother in the woods has never been so terrifying! | 24th Game 

This game was Terrifying and AWESOME!! Great work!

A Dark & Terrifying Day In Bikini Bottom

A New Horror Game That'll Remind You Of Silent Hill?

A Charming Space Adventure by the Creators of Happy Game

What if Pixar Gone Dark: This Disturbing Game Will Haunt Your Dreams! 😱

This is another game I CAN'T WAIT to release! This Demo/Teaser was terrifying and the story was really good! Can't wait for MORE!!

Are You Ready To Get High on COOKIES?!

In this spine-chilling video, we dive into the world of horror with a game inspired by the 1982 classic, The Thing.

Terror Unleashed: Spine-Tingling Short Horror Games | Volume 2 (3rd Game - The Dev or Devs Know What They Are Doing! This One Is SCARY)

This game was spooky! I can see why it's so popular on itch! Some of those jump scares are down right terrifying!! | 2nd Game

Halloween Unleashed: Scary Games with Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees (3rd Game & OMG this is how you make a SEQUEL! Please make more!

Reliving the Most Iconic Scenes from The Shining

This was a GREAT horror cleaning sim! One of the BEST ones on itch as I type this! Keep up the awesome work! | 1st Game

The atmosphere is so terrifying in this game! Wishlisted and can't wait! | 3rd Game 

If you love Noodles DO NOT WATCH this or play it! The noodles are EVIL! You have been warned! | 3rd Game

Paranormal Unleashed: Hauntingly Spooky Short Horror Games | Volume 5 (1st game & If you want a great looking game, spooky and great scary time!)

Who Loves Vidas Games? I DO!! Make Sure to add Vermilion Arcade to your wishlist! I am not being paid to say this!


This game is absolutely terrifying!! One of the SCAREST Games on itch!

This is a Terrifying Walk home and after this I will always be using Uber! | 2nd Game 

Horror Unleashed: Horrifying Short Horror Games | Volume 6 (3rd Game & This did NOT disappoint! Scary and a great time)

This game was ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING!! Great Work!

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THIS GAME WAS TERRIFYING! Legit felt like Silent Hill! Great job!

She is very cute and f**ked up! I love this! This is just so different!

This game was so good! It was short but to the point! Really felt like an old school PS1 game! Awesome Job!! | 1st Game 

Please make more games! This was so much fun and terrifying! Keep up the Awesome WORK!

It's a Me, Mario... AHHHHHHH!! This is a genuine DLC Horror feel and if you love Mario and Horror = AWESOMENESS!