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Glad someone is like me :)

Very nice idea and look. I do think it goes a bit too far in the sense of needing to move too slowly. It takes away from the slow peaceful idea. 

Nice maps and music!

Really fun and well balanced. I know it's prototype but would love some nice sea theme music. This was 2yrs ago! Making anything else?

Great vibe to this! Art work + music + mechanics are super fun!

Would also appreciate a mac demo :)

No worries, thanks for getting back to me. Will keep an eye out, looks fun :)

Is a mac version coming? (Just hopeful as your other releases have it)

Mac or online version in the works?

Any chance of a web/mac version?

Looks fun, any chance on a web/mac version?

Looks fun... any chance on doing a web/mac version?

I finished!... after 99 restarts... Simple yet fun, pretty and peaceful - great work!

Pretty fun, always get a bit of vertigo in these games but pushed through to get them all at the top.