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could you do animations for pushing, picking up, bow and arrow, boomerang, so on and so on?

nice glad to here it, love your art style.

Nice looking pack, just curious are you ever planning on doing a top-down enemy pack.

I just bought your packs, could you do a hero pack with attack animations? Such as sword, boomerang, bow and arrow, hookshot, bomb, so on and so on..And maybe put some cutable breakable objects such as pots, bushes, please.PS your art is outstanding by the way love it.

I agree with every word you said just cuz it looks the same doesn't mean it is. It is clearly a fan-made tile sets and sprites.

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Could you possibly make breakable cutable objects such as bushes pots crates?

Do do you have any enemy pack?

 these packs are amazing do you take commissions would like two more dungeons tile sets water one would be awesome breakable pots treasure chest 

 I am colorblind and I think the standard one looks the best