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this game is so nostalgic to me i really would have loved to see the sequel to it not be a reading only thing on the page i loved the bad ending plus in a way the prince with the demon inside of him still gets back at everyone.

fucking amazing but this is making me wanna play it seriously next time for now casual fast finding secrets ect.

had a decent time playing it thanks for making it and enjoy yourself 

Antonblast is one of those games that undoubtedly has the potential to reach the same level as games like Shovel Knight and Cuphead. Beautiful, well animated and extremely fun, the game demonstrates the level of care that the developers are having, by presenting very animated sprites, a world with depth and a funny story. This game is worth trying. Congratulations to the developers but not only that the people who worked on this passionately in general :D

had fun


really enjoyed the game was babysitting at the time so i didn't do it all in one go i had to make it a 2 parter.

no problem :D

played 3 of your games so far neat! 

while playing this game it kinda made me think about what happened last year to me so that happened also i found a quirky glitch in the game after beating it the second time! 

i have played your game and honestly i had a laugh at it it was really good :D here is my video!