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loved this little game!! its fun to figure out how to do it

this hits so hard !! it makes me so mad bc i know these exact same experiences do still happen to people in this day and age. thank you for making this game and depicting a realistic simulation, hopefully someone out there will think twice before alienating others to boost their fragile egos

the moment i clicked into this game i knew i would be too frustrated to even last a few minutes...but great game!! esp for those who love these games lol. i also like the sound effects, really funny when the dude falls lmao

i surprisingly managed to escape on first try, and then i went back to get all the endings. great game and story-telling! love the mini puzzles that aren't too hard but hard enough to keep you going ^^ 

yup idk what is even going on from the very start, like what am i supposed to do?? but then again i've always not been the best at these types of games. stunning visuals though, really love the graphics

cool game! love this sort of puzzle that is not too hard while the solution is juuuust out of reach that keeps you willing to continue. the length is also great

uhh so i didn't actually played this myself past the opening but watched a walkthrough for the rest of it bc i really cannot handle jumpscares,,,but i just wanna say this is great !!! i checked this out bc i love cats and needless to say,,,meowmie :'((

literally THANK YOU for this walkthrough. i'm genuinely scared of jumpscares but really wanna know the game plot

is that a rainbow flag and a trans flag ?? omg luv it

for someone who avoid drinking coffee at all costs, i sure do like ascending to a coffee god

i also cracked open a whole doc to compare everything and refreshed to get everyone's dialogue (bc i was confused how to play the first time). got it right first try, nice !!

daaaaamn this spooked me. i really hate jumpscares but i'm trying to overcome it! i think i got 3 different endings...? is there more ?? :0

hey i really liked this game!! love the familiarity of the setting, makes you think that this would really happen anytime in real life. (without spoiling the game,) it was also hard to make a choice at the end, seems like it could be anyone or any scenario. thanks for this ^^