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Loved this game, the eerie vibes are immaculate

This game was the perfect mix between terrifying and hilarious! seriously, good job man! loved this game!!

god i love the slow creepy build up with this game... it just feels so authentic and i LOVE it!!

'The Baby in Yellow' is obviously a great and iconic game, there's not a whole lot more i can add and the chances of me making a unique let's play of this game is slim to none as there are thousands of lets plays of this utterly unique and spectacular game. 

but also i'm hilarious so watch my video because im obviously a comedy genius 

very cute and cozy game! also i am sorry but i had to... whoops

good game! scared the ever-loving cr*p outta me hahaha

i really loved this game, even though it doesn't really look like it haha the spooky vibes are immaculate 

decided this was a good game to start off my channel with :) scared the hell out of me and made me never want to play another scary game, but i guess thats good! hahaha anyway, i loved it! even though it might not seem like it in the video