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I've not looked into that sort of thing for a long time.  I'll have a dig through my options and let you know if I can come up with anything.

Yeah, the DS version. (DS 08)  Wow, to think that version's already 16 years old!!!...  Yikes!  Incidentally, that's the very first time I'd added animation to Platdude.  Before that he was always "Blocky" movement, to match his graphical style a little better.  You'd tap a key and he'd move a block. Zero animation!
It's this added new-found animation style that inevitably brought about glitches like the one you mention.  Trying to turn what is still a "block" based engine into a .. slightly.. smoother animation style brought about a whole ton of little quirks like that.  Since that version I've written the game as animation-based from the get-go, and I would hope have managed to eliminate much of these sorts of errors.  
But it's great to know it's still a well remembered edition of the game.
As for the "ant style"  .. Yeah, that was intentional.  It wasn't until the later versions that, because of differing screen resolutions, I inevitably had to switch it from exact tile-to-screen resolution, to anything else.  Screen resolution differences make that stupidly hard to do.
 For a long, long time, I've been wanting to make a ginormous level and slap it onto a 1080p screen (with everyone's 1080p screen being 1920x1080) and have little itty bitty 8x8 pixel sprites!  ..  For obvious "too tiny" reasons, that's never happened.  But I sure would love to do it, some day.  
Maybe even in 4K!!!
Make that super-duper tiny!!!
Anyhoo.. Thanks for playing! And I'm glad you love Platdude as much as I do :D 

Daily Platdude Pixelart lives here :

Nice game!  Hard as nails!!

*phew*  You had me worried that my controller code was broke!
Glad you're able to play it with a Joystick.   \o/yeay\o/ 

Does your joystick not work?  Grr..  please let me know your system/browser/joystick setup, and I'll look into it.


Thanks for Playing \o/yeay\o/ 

thanks :)


Thanks for playing.  \o/yeay\o/


Thanks for playing!

Thanks for asking.

I got hooked into making browser games, at and, as well as Nintendo Switch games using SmileBASIC, and even Pen and Paper puzzle generators at!

Altogether, I've made almost 300 games since this one...

Time flies, huh..?   (Note to Frog : Flies are not the edible variety)

Thanks for playing, and thanks for enjoying!!
For future reference, I much prefer watching players with a mic setup.  That way, I get to hear their realtime reactions as they play, which is really hard to get any other way.  When the "player" is silent, then I'm just sitting watching a game that I've played endlessly for the past few weeks :D
But I'm  certainly not adverse to LetsPlays, and I love that they get games to the attention of more players, so thanks again for playing, and many more thanks for the video.

(And "DEV", btw  :) )