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Thanks for the comments and the rates, fellas.  @David,  thanks for the suggestion. I've discussed this issue a few times and decided it'll be corrected by giving the camera a slight tilt and pan based on the player position and creating a forward facing projected texture that extend a section or two ahead.  Again, thank you guys for playing my game.

Try commenting out sections of code until it works again. If that doesn't work then there might be something else wrong. At that point I'd suggest starting a new project and adding the code from the previous code to it piece by piece in to help pinpoint what might be causing it should it mess up again.

Did I say 3 or 4? On closer inspection, there's actually only 1.

The jam is filled up with games that were not created before the jam period. Seriously, at the current time, there's maybe 3 or 4 that aren't just spammed in for promotion. I withdraw. At least my jam effort helped me put together a nice platformer base. Thanks for that. Maybe next time.

The start and stop times need to be expanded 12 hours in both directions to make the period 48 hours instead of 24.