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Looks cool. What's the licence? page says CC0 but downloaded file says otherwise.

Very cute! Are these a CC0 licence?

Nice! What's the licence?

These are really nice! Would you mind changing the download to a .zip, and adding the licence to the "More info" section?

What's the licence?

Is the licence CC0?

This is really neat! Where did you get those sound effects?

Cool. What's the licence for this font?

Very neat! What's the licence?

Pretty! What's the licence?

What’s the license?

Looks great! What is the licence?

Cool, what is the license?

What is the exact licence?

Incredible stuff! What is the licence on the spritesheets? CC BY?

Look great. Are these CC-0?

Great work. What is the licence?

You have a lot of nice packs! What is the licence for them?

What is the licence? CC0 means public domain.

What is the licence?

Looks good. Is it CC0?

Some great art! Is this CC0 (no attribution required) or something else?

Your twitter link is broken by the way.

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Absolutely, I will :) Beautiful work!

Just for legal reasons, would this be CC0 then?

What licence is it?

What licence is it?

What license is it?