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I'm looking forward to that plug-in, not pushing. LOL

I already done. LOL. Thank you so much. I am waiting for your Gathering Plugin. I am Farm game fans. LOL.

Thank you very much.

I will follow your request and provide only author information, plugin link and your website. I'm just a little more worried that some Chinese RMers can't access American websites, but I believe they will have a solution. LOL

Regarding translation, I appreciate your willingness to give your time to help, but I don't want to waste your time. My idea is, screenshots + remarks, do not plan to change the content of the plugin. Let them learn for themselves. LOL * 2

Finally, Thank you so much for your sharing, and your excellent plugin.  Thank you!

Hi Bro, Can I forward your Crafting or other free plugin to our forum? A Chinese RM forum.

I really like your plugins and I wish I could let more RM Players know about it.

If so, can I do proper Sinicization?

 I will credit you as the original author and share your website.

Can I do this?  Thank you so much~

Very awesome. But so hard for me. 🥲

Is it available for only actors side? 

I tried, but no worked. 

Anyway, Thank you for this wonderful plugins. 🫡

Okay, I got it.  "A".  My bad. 

Thank you so much. :)

Sorry, I double checked. 

 When I use the plugin in my game,  it's no working. 

I saw it's using a switch to get into the ship. Am I right? 

I do the same thing like the demo. But no working. : (

Hello. I think this plugin had something wrong.

I didn't see the "Home" button in the "Run Plugin" today. 

It had yesterday.

And I didn't see that in my game either.

Could you hlep please? Thank you so much?

It's amazing. I like 80% of your plug-ins. The other 20% is just that I don't need it now. But it doesn't mead they are not good.  It's so helpful for my game. Thank you so much.