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Jayden skunkie

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I can't continue the Madrana quest even though the game's already 2 versions ahead.

Yeah, I'm having the same problem

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Encountered a bug during the Malcius fight when he uses his special move. I can't progress anymore which is a real shame. Some help would really be appreciated.

Woo! That's great! I can tell this will become a favorite of mine.

Does anybody know if this game is still being continued?

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This comment contains spoilers for 0.51 update!

Wow. Hyao promised a lore dump and he delivered. This update was really great. I got some goosebumps while reading the diaries left around the Blakemore manor. 

The conclusion of the event has left me thirsty for more as it ended on a (according to my oppinion) well chose cliffhanger. I wasn't too much of a fan of Gunnar and don't feel like acting submissive just to gain his approval but I respect him for standing by his convictions and his great loyalty. Also Nameless' warning finally seems to make sense. I always thought that either Jester or Gunnar would end up betraying Scar. I haven't seen anyone mention it but judging by the diary in Jester's room and his appearance before Gunnar it seems like he's responsible for the shapeshifters or at the very least partially responsible for setting them loose? Although it's been hinted at that lady Tess is aware something is going on with the Blakemore's. I'm really digging this conspiracy plot among the nobles and that cult in Mythshore. 

To summarize an unexpectadly long rant I really liked this update and can barely wait for more! (If Hyao reads this do not take this as an attempt of me to rush things. Take the time you need to deliver such quality content. This game is great.)

I guess you're talking about the stone lizard pieces? Since I don't know which one you're missing I'll just list them all.

There's one in the bandit camp as a random event in which Tank chases one of the thugs. 

There's one as a reward for a quest from the day witch in the dark swamp.

There's one you can find simply by exploring the swamp or dark swamp.

The hunter ran away to a village hidden where you last see him. Walk over one of the uppermost tiles and you'll find a hidden path. Someone there can get rid of the mushrooms.

I absolutely adore this game! 

The scenes are hot but even aside from the lewd stuff there's an engaging plot going on. What I love the most about this game is Grove's relationship with the rest of the explorers.

Grove is a lone wolf who seems burdened by past experiences with former comrades but he's seen warming up to the people around him. He's become an essential dragon in the quiet meadow camp respected by everyone. The mercenary commander confides in Grove about his culture and past. Jaler respects Grove's ability and relates to him as one of the few dragons who understands that the expansion efforts are not all glory. Rinnal is a chill bro who Grove can hang out with and Kuno looks up to Grove as a role-model of some kind. 

I really hope the relationships keep developping whether they remain professional, friendly or romantic.

You first need to talk to some succubi in the library of the tower. They'll tell you about the greatest risk of magic. Afterwards you should be able to get her to teach you.

Tell to that to the young couple with Onix and Cloyster :)

I wasn't sure what to expect when I downloaded this game but safe to say it surpassed all expectations I could have.

I think I found a glitch with the fridge units. When buying the spare fridge at the science lab tower I clicked on buying the fridge again by accident so I ended up buying two fridges. After trying again with a different save I bought the fridge once and afterwards I could not buy another so I think that you're only supposed to be able to buy one.

Not sure if that's important or not.

Alright, managed to get the encounter.

Thanks for the help!

I've done that and see the scene where she invites you in but I don't know how to enter the club afterwards. Or is there something else I have to do to progress her event cause I can't ask her out on dates or anything else. I just keep getting the option to ask her about domming.

How do I apply for a membership? That option is not available with her or the receptionist.

Very good game! Loving the colorful cast! (Linda's reaction when you're wealthy is funny)

Still there are some things I can't seem to figure out such as... 

Is there any way to become a member at the torture rack?

Or how do you get to the island?

Can we invite Gin to the basement? (He's so cute!!!) 

Could someone do me a favor and fully summarize the possible routes of the werewolf quest cause I can't figure it all out.