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nevermind, the readme worked

hello! i downloaded the mac version, but whenever i try to open it, i get an error message that says i do not have permission to open the application “franken.” do you any way to get around this? thanks!


i’d love to see a Mac/Linux port of this once it’s in a sort-of finished state! your work here is great and i love the atmosphere of this game.

would you mind adding some screenshots? I would like to see what the game actually looks like since im on a Mac and can’t play it :(

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I love this game a lot! Has a very late-90’s early 2000’s feel to it, which I like quite a bit.

how the hell did you do this in RPG Maker? I know MV is pretty powerful, but it’s seriously impressive what you were able to do here.

I’ll try donating to the kickstarter if I can, amazing stuff.

Big Sur, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work.

hi! I moved it to the desktop, but now whenever I open it, it just closes.

i sound so pretentious right now oh my god

hi, not sure if you’re still working on this game, but i really liked it! it’s one of the most unique yume nikki fangames i’ve played, albeit the stock RPG Maker MV sound effects did ruin a bit of the immersion for me.

im on mac so i cant play it but the screenshots look gorgeous!

Hi! I’m on mac, and i tried to run the game (i moved it to my applications folder) but whenever i open it, i just get an error message saying “The application “Game” can’t be opened.”

me when tree

This is really cool B)