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this game hands down best horror game jump scares Ive had In a long while thanks for the hard word emika games Its always highly appreciated. 

This game had insane graphics and detailed work and it shows the dev put heart and soul into this project and its wonderful thanks for this great game experience 

and cant wait for chapter 2 to finally release!!

This game had me just breathless all around best horror alien game out there thanks for you hard work it shows!!!

loved every bit of this game was damn awsome great great work

nice little horror game very great graphics for sure.

words cant express how I enjoyed peeing my pants during this game lol

great great game loved it enjoyed the creepy vibe you get with every corner you turn...

great great little horror game wish there were few more jump scares but the story line was great....

loved this game but hated the spiders lol 

Hands down another one of the top two favorites I have played on my youtube channel great job with the whole thing keep them coming dev......

Best damn horror game hands down felt like I was really there out in the woods and shit lol great great game keep it up.....

driving home one hell of a ride come join me devs out did them selves this time had good scares and all keep it up...

missing hiker is a one of a kind the intense build up in these games is crazy keep it up devs check out my gameplay video here on my channel...... thanks

thanks for my 378 subscribers I have new indie horror game episodes posted weekly. please join and hit that subscribe button if you like means alot god bless.

this game is very smooth and overall had intense jump scares loved the game and the whole idea the devs had keep up the great work.

excellent game.....I cant wait to see the full development when its complete great job devs keep it up this is why I love indie games.... Feel free to come play this horrifying game with me.....

I loved this game the atmosphere and surrounding vhs like graphics all matched I wish there were more jump scares but the tension ran high watch for yourself.....thanks

loved this game and cant wait to see more of this prototype in the future devs sure know what there doing look and watch for yourselves..... thanks