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No, you don't need to take care for your pet after adopting :)

You get the good endings when you don't win the award but have the heart full.

OH! I just realized you can do the mouth thing on the finger... DUH :'D

Thanks for the tip! But what action am i supposed to do? :) You can't do the hand-thingy on the lips

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Hey Guys. Does anyone know how to get the last chibi? I'm a bit lost and out of ideas what to do :'D

Oh my, i'm so happy!! Just upgraded my game to the voiced version. I thought it would be english and was kinda afraid, but it's japanese! I like it a lot! Thanks guys :3

What are you talking about...?

I'm curious. How do i get all sex toys? There's actually only one i don't know how to get. The boy at the shrine always says, he wants a boyfriend but i never got the chance to help him.. how do i do his quest? ^^ 

Pretty late but if the question is still up, you can wish him happy birthday on the 16th Aug.
Nothing really is happening then. You spend the day with him and earn friendship points i guess ^^

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EDIT. I'm feeling a bit lost. I'm on Toshiyukis Route but can't figure out how to trigger the 3rd star-event. The heart ist completely full, i visit him in all 3 locations and dating him like everywhere. What do i have to do? :'D I have the apron.. if thats necassary.
Ah well nevermind. Shiba was the trigger :'D grah