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ive been trying to talk to her for about 2 weeks have a skill level of 1 is if thats the problum

well i mean i cant get there bc she wont let me in

happy birthday

ok do you know where her diary is?

whos ur favorite? for me its between fanora and naira

mission spoiler) so im on the mission for fanora where you have to find 2 panties for bait for racoon i found the one from the shop in the mall where do i find the other one? 

when is 0.5 coming out?

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can you pls recommend me some games like this untel 0.7


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is there anyway to help you with the game besides paying (im broke asf otherwise i would) like research or something anything to help u out from where i am

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wow really? i always find felicity.weird...

have u ever thought about like frainds or family helping

ntr is also a kinda trap

ntr is also a kinda trap

there is a trap /pixel im not sure if that sliped or what after the no ntr warning

yea thats what i was thinking to

but  who was ur fav person to make and why

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i  have a vew things ill like to add will we ever se the andorid without her mask and there was something up with lin in her sceans is that jest me? Its Going like a stop motion thing but anyways keep up the good work also who is ur fav person to make. Plus i dont know how to train anyone is there an option or something.

onthe 2nt floor there was a empty room in v06  will that be filled?