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Yay! Thank you Mr. Crane

aaaaaaaaa i love it!!

Hell yeah bro, insight into development is always cool.

Thank you for the gift. This is all I wanted for a late christmas

[Excitement noises]

To start, Vapor Trails is literally one of my favorite games ever. But this update came with a few problems.

- Currency is multiplied by 2 every time I collect a shard

- I died in Flinn's alley with the metro pass and when I respawned it was nowhere to be found

- Flinn's Alley is also very easy to cheese by wall jumping on the left side and dashing to a platform nearby

- Lauren's dialogue is out of order if you interact with the area where you recieve gun eyes, then talk to her

-Bosses are easily beaten by spamming jump and kick

This update did wonders for the art and aesthetic of the game, I absolutely love the new Deep Town, I just with I could get the metro pass and continue the game :(

Thank you so much Sevencrane!

I'm sorry, I know I comment a lot, but I wanted to let you know that the platforming challenge for the metro pass can easily be gottem around by a few good wall jumps at the beginning. Maybe make it so you can't jump on that wall?

You can dash when presented with dialogue options, this means the race is kind of broken, since you can win before the dialogue is over... It also glitches out the game pretty bad when you do.

Um... How do you win the race? I tried just dashing over and over because I thought that was the fastest option... am I missing some movement tech

yes, when you put the heart in the thingy and get your gun eyes, and then you talk to Lauren, she says like "put the heart over there" after she says to meet her at the elevator. Also Flinn is missing some dialogue after the boss fight in the night market so... This is me complaining to the dev haha


You've really outdone yourself! This update is so great! I haven't reached the end of the new content, as I couldn't find the mercury I needed haha, but I've loved it so far. The glitch where you sit on a bench from walking and continue to slide has carried over, and some dialogue is mixed up, but that is all trivial. The movement is great, the plot is awesome, and I'm just stunned by the amount of effort that clearly went into making this such a great game. Thank you so much

(Also where can I find the mercury, I want to continue so bad xD)

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goodness, i hope this game becomes popular. it's already my favorite game, i can't even imagine how much i'll like the full release (no pressure lol). thank you so much sevencrane, you've earned a new fan. if you do start a kickstarter, you'd better bet i'll donate. also, valentine for smash.