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you can see in the zip file that there are unity files so obviously unity

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Pressing escape while in the options unpauses your game but doesn't take you out of the pause menu, allowing you to Fight in the menu (not major, just something I found). Also, I wanna know if it's intentional that you can't charge shots with the rail gun without firing the other guns. Complete Banger of a game.

very cool game, but you can still talk to stephen after he disappears or whatever he does.

I believe it just has a chance to happen when you have multiple papers shredding at the same time.

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"clean save" does not come out the same as "wipe save", nor does it have a "you clicked on the button do you REALLY want to lose everything" menu
goodbye full map of lazorz, you will be missed

posting the game to steam might be good, also can you potentially allow for windowed/fullscreen settings?

imagine some sort of gamemode where they get seperate towers and race to the top

enemies should unstick eventually.

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You need to press C or Enter

the direction you face can break and be especially annoying when right next to the dummy(?) but other than that it is a fun idea