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I followed the link but still haven't gotten Alex's first CG so I'll just wait until your next update or when you introduce the rest of the guys.

I don't see a download link that says Season 2 Chapter 1 or whatever you called it, it only shows 1-4, 5-8, 9, 10 and complete season 1 for Mac and Windows so if its there could you label it Season 2 Chapter 1 so we know its up unless you're waiting to release to the public.

Thank you that helps a lot and still when I talk to Alex on the yacht I don't get his CG so I'll wait until you release the next update to try again.

So how frequent will you update My Soldiers on Patreon, I know for some creators they have Patreon a few updates ahead of the itchio since you're paying the creator on Patreon while you download VNs for free on itchio, and you only have to pay $2 for his Patreon for others that can't wait for them to release the update, I'll just say there's only a few new actions throughout the game and a new ending for one or two LIs, just gotta play again to see who else ;)

I tried to get Karl's 3rd CG at night and tried to see if it came up after the pairing (I don't get the necklace in the beginning and when I go to find Karl I encounter him and Spear so not sure how to just have Karl there and wait till nighttime), instead it sends me straight to nap once entering the room, has the pool party on repeat everything once I finish it so never get Karl to come to my room and still haven't gotten Alex's 2nd CG on the yacht after trying a few times, sorry for all these complaints just trying to get all that's in the game

I also got the flashlight as well am I suppose to do it after coupling up with him because when I check on him after finding out where to find him Spear is abusing him by him stripping to his speedo, idk how to activate that scene if its not after the pairing.

With Frank's 3rd CG go to the balcony aftef going to your room and check the window...

I saw on your Patreon that the new update is today and was wondering if you were gonna download on here soon or if there was a certain wait time?

Still didn't get Alex's first CG when talking to him on the yacht though.

it was just a bug that showed the yacht instead of the beach when getting off the train I clicked where Karl and the shop would be at and it worked I was also able to get through the pool scene now and got done with the demo :) sorry bout the outburst, after I posted it I found my way around.

Hey Ryu I had the complaint that I couldn't activate the swimming pool scenes at the end of the night. I waited until you got done updating and just downloaded the Mac .06 update and its worse now after I talk to Johnson and got off the train it takes me straight to the yacht you ride to the island instead of the image of the beach with Karl and the Surf shop, I'm trying to give this game a chance but how can I when I'm dealing with all these bugs and can't progress at all, its not letting me progress at all. :(

I had all the good convos with them and had all smiles, just that after the nap and going to the pool it doesn't progress like it did with the first Mac version, just lmk when I can download a new version since this is a bug in the system...

 I talked to all the guys and helped Karl with the necklace and took the nap then went to the pool and it froze or just stayed there without showing the guys or host, I had have talk to them before but restarted cuz I was rejected what's wrong, its on Mac.

I helped Karl with the necklace and once I went to the swimming pool it froze after saying what all the guys are wearing and I don't get the CGs, I restarted cuz I was left alone with the host since they rejected me, but now I can't get to that point again and would like for you to implement tab to skip through dialogue since it's tiring going through it over and over again.

I did both of those and still can't leave or sleep in my room, this is the Mac version.

Thx ;)

I play on Mac and wondering if there'll be a release on that platform or just PC exclusive?

I know you said you won't be releasing an updated demo since you're focusing on the full game, just would like a given date which I assume either Q1 or Q2 2021

I haven't encountered that one yet, I actually didn't know about that one tbh, prob message the developer on their Patreon for quicker response if you really need the info, I just played all routes until I got those 4 which I thought were all it. I know there's nothing for Charlie, Willy or any other NPCs yet. Only saw one CG of Charlie in bed in his room on one of the first couple of days, he's on the first floor opposite of Kevin's room right by the bathroom.

Also with Kevin interfere with the argument with his girlfriend and have him help you with fixing the truck that David tells you to do, the same goes for choosing either Thomas or Norman for their endings. You can't get Kevin's if you don't interfere with that argument.

To get David's, Kevin's or Norman's secret dream sequences spend as much time with them everyday as possibly, check every location to try to locate Kevin since at times he'll be in the bathroom or the gym locker room or shower, those help with his ending, with David make sure he's the one showing you around the post that helps and try to talk to him either in his office, room or gym, and Norman try to meet him in the kitchen frequently and one time in the gym, but Thomas is the easiest to get.

Will you release a download for Mac or Android, I don't have PC so like to see if you will make one or the other.

Like to report a bug in Kouya's beach scene where you are talking to him and Shun and Shun's swinsuit is 1/3 of the way off his body and shows some skin, just reporting to fix it once you release Tatsuki and Shun's scenes.

Will there be an android or mac download?

So should I wait until you release the 9.6 update or try playing the 9.5 update from the very beginning and sort of hope that it doesn't do the same as when I start from the Fury fight like I've done previous times.

I had the 9.2 update from, then I downloaded the 9.5 update on Patreon and started it from the Fury fight like suggested but it still goes through the ending of 9.2 update over and over again, it ends with who gets their romance first and then behind the scenes stuff, then it goes to credits then home screen, how do I access the new content I was promised when I downloaded the 9.5 update?? I assume I replay from the beginning like other visual novels but like to know that I won't waste more time trying to get the new content.

Just like to ask this. If we decide to go the fit route would we be able to romance all the characters or would that cut down half of them, I take that it will cut out Ian, Loken, Zac, Zuil, and Pi, my favorite characters are Zac, Jim, Shaun, Lacky and Zuil, and just like to know if all romances depend on your weight, I'd assume so just need to make sure and be ready to know who I can't get with if I take the fit route.

My last save is the Fury fight, when I fast track through it goes through the director scene then to credits, then bring me to the home screen.

I just subscribed to your Patreon and I downloaded the 9.5 update, but when I played it, it never updated, when I started from a previous save it went straight through the same ending of Hugo, Dagio and Rufus getting their routes , I also started from scratch at the beginning, but it still had the same outcome, I deleted the old 9.2 update from and it still did the same, I just like to know if I redownload the Patreon update or something else.

I'm will to support your Patreon, I'm just wondering what tier is best for me to play the game up-to-date

I was wondering which routes are already implemented in the full game, I played through the demo on and thought there was more to it but ended when it said Hugo and Dagio will be getting their routes first, so was wondering if you already released them on either or Patreon and if so the latter would I need to subscribe to Wolfstar to play what is the full game so far or would you bring a new update on because right now its version 9.2 and though itd be much longer than it was.

I need help trying to get Ben/Dragan and Ben/Dragan/Jeff sceness, everytime I play it goes straight to Wolf Jeff sex scene and not sure how to find Amok/Arzhu scene, same with Ben/Jeff Handjob scenes as well, just like some tips on how to get those scenes to finish the gallery.