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So the different keys mean the following: (as far as i could tell)

Enter = Re-Generate a completely new house with current settings
F (Full-screen) = Enable/Disable full-screen mode
Space = Re-generate the rooms with current settings
C (Colour)* = Change the background colour of the image
Shift+C* =  Bring the default colour back
V = Toggle the darker edge of the bigger image
M (Moon) =  Toggle the moon
A* = Toggle shadow drop in the rooms of the house
T* = Toggle small details in the corners of the rooms
G* (Ghost) = Toggle if there are or aren't any ghosts

* = Pressing this key will regenerate the room layout (the same as pressing space, but with the new setting)

Note, some keys i was able to figure out what the key (probably) stood for and wrote it in brackets. Comment with good suggestions

Anyone else stuck at 28 "void step" been at it for nearly half a hour before just giving up on it. I get the mechanic that you can void step as mentioned some where else. but for the life of me i cant see how that can help me