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So.. I played this game a while back. Like a half a year or so ago. And recently i picked up another game called "Zero escape: Nonary game" Boy oh boy. I guess i just have a thing for games like that and this because i loved both of them. But now im wondering. Did you draw inspiration from the Zero Escape series? It shows quite a bit in this. Not a bad thing at all either. In fact i think that makes it quite compelling! 

Same problem here. Not sure if its just because we are using the demo version or not. Its possible. But if not some help on figuring this out would be great.

Seconded. The game goes completely black right when after you finish "The Tutorial"

I could try but i dont wanna do it over the comments of the game to prevent spoilers. I will say however that in the route when i finally played that last bit while i did have more questions at the end... One of my theories was confirmed. One was debunked. And questions i didnt think to ask were answered. I will say that the game is still by no means finished. Wether there will be or is a second ending for flynn is up in the air. But we still have jennas story. And i will say until that route is finished... We will just be going around in circles.

i did all that but i can't find the entrance. That's what im looking for. I passed that quest back in .31 and i thought the entrance was behind bar to the left but i don't see it anymore. 

I seem to have forgotten how to get into the basement... Cause i cant locate it